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CDRTool is an Operational System Support (OSS) for service providers. CDRTool allows real time web access to Call Detail Records generated by VoIP switches, gateways or network access equipment using RADIUS protocol.

CDRTool provides real-time mediation including normalization and rating for Call Detail Records generated by SIP Proxies and VoIP gateways. Combined PSTN rating based on time/destination with NGN rating based on traffic/application provides the ideal billing platform. CDRTool supports SIP Express Router, Asterisk PBX and other RADIUS gateways.

Rating can be selected based on time of the day, day of the week, subscriber, customer or gateway. A different tariff may be applied based on application type (video or audio). The rates are linked with profiles corresponding with different time of the day, day of the week or holidays. For rating calls which span multiple profiles, the right rate is selected and applied for the call duration within each profile. Each customer may be assigned its own dedicated rating plans destination id and names. Different tariffs may be applied based on application type (video or audio). Having access to service usage information, you may build any billing model for your business based on any combination of bandwidth, destination, application type and duration.

Multiple timezones are supported for multiple billing parties hosted on the same platform.

See for more information about CDRTool rating engine.


  • Rating engine
  • Call control and prepaid engine
  • Link searches to trouble-tickets
  • Trace calls between gateways
  • Consolidated specification
  • Access to CDRs per user/domain/gateway/proxy
  • Export results in CSV format

Data sources

  • SIP Express Router (SER)
  • MediaProxy (NAT traversal)
  • Cisco gateways (26xx, 53XX, 75XX)
  • SNOM 4S Proxy Server
  • Asterisk IP PBX
  • IPNX SS7 class 4 switch

CDRTool achieves 100% accurate accounting for Call Detail Records generated by SIP EXpress Router used in combination with MediaProxy and Free-RADIUS server.

Some screenshots are available at

Asterisk billing
CDR mediation
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