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CSG Software Project Management Mission Statement
Collective Solutions Group supports the development of Open Source Software. The goal of the site and service is to provide a place for various programing projects to live.

Along with Subversion control systems, the site includes capabilities for a wide variety of development support tools. Wiki, news, documents, bug and enhancement tickets, and other tools are available for these projects.

CSG provides this hosted service for these projects as a way of providing support to the developers who donate their time and energies to make these projects happen.

The CSG Software Project Management Site is "home-base" for the development efforts of these and other programs:

Caller ID Superfecta
Project Style: FreePBX Module
CallerID Superfecta is a module for FreePBX which adds incoming CallerID name lookups (CNAM) to your Asterisk system. CallerID Superfecta v2.2.4 includes support for 39 world-wide data sources, and also supports sending collected CNAM info to several other devices/programs, such as XBMC, YAC, and more.

Project Style: FreePBX Module Companion
Winnunciator SPEAKS and shows textual versions of both the caller ID name and caller ID number on your Windows based computers. Winunciator the Windows speech API to speak the caller ID information through your existing speakers. The Winnunciator includes features like multiple repeats upon announcement, user selectable IP port, and supports customizable preamble, repeat announcement text, number format and more.

End Point Manager
Project Style: FreePBX Module
This Module is an End Point provisioning program for your FreePBX system. Designed to be readily extensible and distribution independent - easing future upgrades and the support of more IP device Manufacturers and models. Current build support Snom, Polycom, Linksys and Grandstream SIP phones. Beta build supports Aastra, Snom, Polycom, Grandstream, Yealink & Dreamweave. This FreePBX module is extreemly extensible, and flexible. Check it out if you are tired of provisioning your end points manually.

Hotel Style Wakeup Calls
Project Style: FreePBX Module
The module for FreePBX produces hotel-style wakeup calls to any extension. To use the Wake-Up feature, dial the feature code assigned in FreePBX Feature Codes. Supports "snooze-calling" for 5, 10, or 15 minutes. Can be enabled for use with public telephone numbers, and Operator mode to allow designated extensions to manage WakeUp calls for anyone.

Easy OpenVPN
Project Style: Bash Scripts
Easy OpenVPN is a collection of bash scripts which will install and configure the Open VPN software on your PBX server. Also includes scripts for creating client certificate files.

Project Style: Installation / Configuration Script
A-Fax is a script designed to install and assist in configuration of the combined Avantfax Hylafax software suite.
Centralized Fax services for the household, or Business with a feature set designed to get the job done, and done well.
This system is designed to integrate well with PBX In A Flash. It is easily adaptable for use in other PBX distributions.

Concurrent Calls
Project Style: FreePBX Module
The Concurrent Calls module uses your CDRs to graphically and numerically display the number of concurrent calls utilized on your PBX over a specified period of time.

Trunk Cost / Load Balancing
Project Style: Free PBX Module
Trunk balancing is a program designed to manage the availability of outbound trunks based on number of minutes used, and number of minutes available. This module is used primarily to help users create a "least-expense" route environment. It can also balance the load on multiple outbound trunk by applying a ratio factor.

Weather by ZIP Code
Project Style: FreePBX Module
Weather by Zip Code allow you to retrieve current weather information from any touchtone phone using nothing more than your PBX connected to the Internet. You key in any of 42,740 U.S. Zip Codes using a touchtone phone. The report is downloaded, converted to an audio file, and played back to you.
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