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Although CTI is nothing new, the rapid move away from one mature, reliable protocol (TDM) to the equally reliable protocol of VoIP has created a paradigm shift in call center technology. As a powerful, flexible telephony platform capable of supporting multiple protocols, Asterisk is emerging as the leading telephony platform for call centers seeking to leverage VoIP to significantly improve their technology platform at substantial cost savings. With the rapid growth and proliferation of Asterisk, organizations are seeking robust and feature-rich call center software like Q-Suite, which has established itself as a unique software capable of delivering robust, industry standard call center functionality to organizations seeking to use Asterisk as their telephony platform.

Q-Suite’s comes with a uniform interface for CTI integration in the form of well-published API libraries to allow business applications to embed CTI and migrate to Asterisk and VoIP without reinvesting in the development of their fine-tuned application.

A brief overview of CTI for Asterisk on Q-Suite

• Socket and .NET API Library• XML Library for Database Integration
• Session Management• Monitoring and Status
• Call Flow• Call Control

Q-Suite Overview

Q-Suite, provided by Indosoft Inc., is enterprise grade, multi-tenant call center software that enables VoIP and TDM connectivity, as well as remote and distributed architectures. Q-Suite delivers sophisticated features like Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) with Skills Based Routing and Queue Prioritization, Predictive/Preview/Progressive Dialing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), rich IP PBX functionality, call recording, agent scripting and a host of other features and reporting capabilities to meet the demands of modern day contact centers wanting to use Asterisk as their telephony platform. Workforce Management can be integrated into Q-Suite to deliver enterprise interaction through advanced scheduling, forecasting, agent tracking and seat planning capabilities. Q-Suite offers reliability through its High Availability option, with the ability to ensure that calls are not dropped due to any single point of failure.

By leveraging the advantages of Asterisk, Linux, Apache and MySQL, Q-Suite provides an open architecture with unsurpassed out of the box functionality required in any next-generation contact center technology platform.

For a more detailed look at Q-Suite enterprise-grade ACD for Asterisk or Predictive Dialer, see our website at www.indosoft.com or our pages on this wiki:

Computer Telephony Integration API with Q-Suite

Q-Suite provides well-published API libraries to enable a uniform interface for CTI integration. The CTI library for Q-Suite is available in two flavors (.NET and Socket) to make it easy for use in client applications operating on different platforms. The XML library allows client applications to log agent activity and tie it with telephony for ease of reporting. As a result, vertical businesses can quickly integrate CTI into an existing or new business application, allowing Q-Suite to run under the hood and manage rich call center telephony functions. This provides business systems using legacy telephony platforms with an easy integration path and efficient processes to incorporate CTI, embed Q-Suite ACD functionality and move to IP telephony using Asterisk.

By embedding Q-Suite with its uniform interface for CTI integration, organizations not only benefit from the enterprise grade call center software performance delivered by Q-Suite, but they are also able to leverage benefits unique to Asterisk. As a superior IP telephony platform, Asterisk provides a seamless VoIP and TDM interface, rich PBX functionality and a superior telephone switch at a fraction of the cost of comparable proprietary systems.

CTI Management & Interface

Q-Suite CTI for Asterisk provides a uniform interface to manage session, call flow, call control, and status monitoring. This single interface allows your mature business application to efficiently access Q-Suite’s rich ACD or predictive dialer functionality, as well as Asterisk’s unique benefits as a superior IP telephony platform.

Uniform Interface

Q-Suite’s uniform API interface is an essential abstraction of both the ACD and the underlying telephone switch and provides full session management, call control and live status management. It keeps application development simple and straightforward by allowing the developer to focus entirely on the CTI interactions without having to become involved in the complexities of the underlying ACD and telephony platform.

Session Management

Session management in Q-Suite handles all agent interactions from login to the various states during a session. In essence, it deals with the agent state. Sessions include the availability of the agent to handle calls and the states within the calls. Availability to take calls is governed by rules dictated by both inbound skills based routing and outbound dialing modes like preview, predictive and progressive modes.

Call Flow and Call Control

Call flow and call control deal with all aspects of control over the voice part of the call, including functions like hold, transfers, re-dial and hang-up. The transfer ability includes blind, consultative and conference.

Agent Mobility

Q-Suite CTI for Asterisk allows for flexibility in how you manage your agents. If you’re operating a premise-based call center, then you may wish to take advantage of Q-Suite’s Free Seating options to allow agents to be seated anywhere in the office. Since remote and distributed architectures are fully supported, you can also easily enable outside, remote locations. Hot-desking and virtual extensions are fully supported.

Status Monitoring and Presence

Q-Suite’s CTI for Asterisk allows in-depth status monitoring to ensure agents have a good view of the rest of the operations. Using Q-Suite’s API for .NET or Socket library, your developer can easily filter and present all the required monitoring data for real-time status monitoring.

Summary of Benefits

Q-Suite provides a proven path for Asterisk CTI. Its uniform interface for CTI integration presents a clear, easy to follow path that enables organizations wanting to achieve the benefits of Asterisk to embed rich call center functionality into their mature business application.

As a unique call center software for Asterisk, Q-Suite provides benefits unachievable from other popular call center software solutions. Stable remote agent support, distributed architecture, multiple trunk utilization, and seamless integration of VoIP and SIP are just a few benefits inherent to Asterisk and Q-Suite. As the leading interface for Asterisk CTI, Q-Suite is fully capable of delivering this unique combination of powerful software and telecommunications technology to your mature business application.

For more information, please see the main Indosoft page on this wiki or visit our website at www.indosoft.com.

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