Call Center Enhancement Announcement

NEW YORK, NY, September 19, 2011 – AVAD Technologies, LLC, a leading provider of Hosted VoIP Phone Service to small and medium size businesses, today announced enhancements to its Hosted Call Center solution. These enhancements include improved Reporting a Predictive Dialer and a new Web Portal Interface. These new capabilities are designed specifically for call centers with higher call volumes and more complex reporting requirements.

AVAD Technologies Hosted Call Center solution supports all call center environments, from small companies to individuals that need basic call distribution, queuing, and simple reporting, to advanced distributed, wholesale and in-house call centers.

Recent Enhancements to AVAD’s Hosted Small Business Call Center Include:

Enhanced Reporting – broader real-time and historical performance metric capture, enables call center supervisors to optimize their local or global workforce, with the use of new pre-configured, scheduled and customizable reports.

Redesigned Web Clients – a user-friendly web interface enable agents to more efficiently handle calls and improve a supervisor’s ability to monitor agent activity in order to ensure greater customer satisfaction.

AVAD’s Hosted Call enables increased efficiency for geographically distributed IP Call Center. Allowing these companies to realize significant cost savings and efficiency.

Benefits of AVAD’s Hosted Call Center

AVAD Technologies Hosted Call Center Solution offers several benefits for small and medium size companies, including:

Cost Savings – Limited upfront capital investment and predictable ongoing operating expenses.

Efficient Supervision of a Virtual Workforce – Management of multi-site, mobile and remote agents from our web based call center portal.

Administrative Flexibility – Ability to quickly and efficiently handle unexpected call volume, without negatively impacting customer wait times.

Business Continuity – Calls are queued and can be quickly and easily re-routed to alternate locations.

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