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Tentacle is a call center software offered by NetPro India; a company specializing in Microsoft Technology and Magic Software Development Tools. NetPro is committed to building Ind-
ustry strength solutions for our clients that are modular, open, scalable and flexible so as to enable them to quickly adapt to ever changing technology and business world.

Tentacle is modeled to support central or distributed call center operations, flexible delivery mechanisms including ‘hosted’ or ‘on-premises’ and adaptable size operations; from small to hundreds of users.


  • Complete Lifecycle: Tentacle covers the entire customer lifecycle -

    • Prospect -Leverage marketing database, cross sales/up sales databases to run sales campaigns
    • Acquire - Generate new business thru telesales and support multiple distributions channels.
    • Service - Manage service requests and track Turn around times to deliver world-class customer service.
    • Retain - Proactively retain customers through outbound campaigns and follow-up management.

  • Inbound/Outbound: -

    • Tentacle covers both modes of communication keeping the customer experience consistent. Inbound and outbound communication can handle geographically distributed call centers access through central contact information.

  • Multi Distribution channel:

    • Based on product and channel definitions Tentacle caters to multiple distribution channels ensuring seamless fulfillment of leads and service.

Visit our Call Center Software page to know more.

Note: This is a promotional page listing features and a link for a product offered by NetPro Technologies India.
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