Call Center Surveys by UCN


Call Center Surveys from UCN

Are you listening to your customers? Most companies try but often find it difficult to translate customer opinion into meaningful internal programs that promote or support better service delivery. The primary purpose of the Echo solution is to bring the voice of the customer into your organization and to help quickly identify gaps in service and processes. Echo's call center survey results enable you to bring about changes that will impact the bottom line of your business in very short order.

With Echo™, your customers become daily service evaluators. Echo’s dynamic reporting utilizes immediate customer satisfaction research to provide continuous, data-rich feedback to CSR's and managers, impacting performance, improving customer satisfaction, and pinpointing product and service delivery opportunities.

Echo's customer service surveys represent a completely new model for customer satisfaction research. One of the really unique features of our solution is that the reporting is offered online, right down to the agent level. This allows your front-line team to self-correct and continuously improve, based upon what their customers are telling them, rather than relying on "interpretations" of how they think their customers felt. Through the use of Echo's real-time customer service surveys, not only can agents see exactly how each customer felt about the individual service they received, but agents can hear verbatim customer comments by clicking on a .wav file.

Phone Survey Options

Clients Using Echo

  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Harrah’s Las Vegas
  • PayPal
  • HP
  • Time Warner Cable
  • eBAY
  • Knology
  • Humana
  • Best Buy
  • Washington Mutual
  • Continental Airlines
  • Chase
  • Vonage
  • Nokia
  • PotteryBarn
  • WellCare

Contact UCN

Contact UCN at 1-888-UCN-4543 to find out how Echo can improve your bottom line.

Aside from UCN's Call Center Survey tool Echo, you may also want to consider UCN's Hosted Contact Center solution inContact, including it's Hosted ACD Software, Computer Telephony Integration, Hosted IVR Software, Workforce Management Software & Hosted Call Center solutions.

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