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Call-Robot is an Internet-based messaging for business. No hardware and no special software is required. Call-Robot turns your browser in an integrated voice, sms and fax message broadcaster. We offer you efficiency and progress.

Call-Robot a high-growth application service provider offers value-added Internet voice messaging, SMS, email, and fax services to businesses around the world.

Our Solutions

  • Call-Robot provide high volume and value-added processing of voice, SMS, email and fax broadcasts messaging services
  • API Call-Robot is a service offering standardized interfaces to allow integration to CRM and ERP systems.


What is Broadcast Messaging?

  • Broadcast Messaging, also known as prerecorded messaging, is an inexpensive and reliable alternative to direct mail and live agent telephone marketing. Unlike traditional methods of marketing, Broadcast Messaging allows for immediate feedback and the ability to change the message content and approach to obtain the greatest results. All this is done at a fraction of the cost of direct mail and with greater consistency than time-consuming live agent calls.

How does Broadcast Messaging work?

  • Once a market is targeted, you create a message - our specialists can help you generating and recording it. You upload the message into CallRobot using our convenient web interface. You can decide to set up parameters such as call times and whether or not the call is going to go to fax machines, cellular phones as SMS message and start sending out the message. That is all.

Why should I use Broadcast Messaging?

  • Broadcast Messaging is less expensive and faster than traditional direct marketing techniques. In addition, it allows your company to deliver a more consistent message and discover what part of the message is well received and what part needs further refinement. This provides a better return on your investment as the message can be modified midstream to improve response rates and customer satisfaction. allows you to send a single message to as many recipients quickly and easily. Setup and manage your message through a web interface. will send it to all the addresses on your distribution list through any of the following methods:

  • Fix line phones as voice message
  • Mobile cellular phones as voice message
  • Mobile cellular phones as SMS message
  • Email address as mp3 file
  • Fax machines as text message

Try Demo to send text to voice message on phone for free.

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