Call Screening / Call Announce with SwitchVox SMB

This is in progress so it is not complete yet

Setup Once:
Tools > IVR Editor > Create IVR Menu "VMAIL"

  1. TODO show how to setup VMAIL IVR

Setup > Manage and asign an extesion # to VMAIL "everyone will use it"

Record announce
Should say "Please say your name so I may
announce who is calling"

Record accept_call for the person to accept the call
should say "Please Press 1 to accept the call
or hangup to send to voicemail"

Now you have to setup a web url script that runs during events. This script I
will show you can run from any webserver you may have running anywhere in house
is obviously the best in case your internet goes down

  1. TODO Add scripts to show how to handle "in route to extension"

Setup For Each Person:

Record Audio file for that person
their name would make a good filename
as this file will be overwritten, Must be stored
in the Call Queue audio files to work

inhouse extension of 213

Click on Setup > Manage
Create Extension > Type "Call Queue"
Extension # some unused one matching the existing extension in
some way in this example 913
Only setup the Queue information for now
Queue Extension:913
Queue Name:the person
Ringing Strategy: Ring All
Queue Members:213 only
Acknowledge Call: YES
Set Audio File: to the persons name that you recorded
Leave the rest as defaults for now
Save Call Queue
Tools > IVR Editor > Create IVR Menu
Name the IVR something like "Screen The Person"
Save it
Modify Actions > Create IVR Action for each of the following
Set Variable MBOX = Extension
Play Sound > announce
Record Sound > "ThePerson" record the persons name in that
set silence timeout to 5 seconds and record
time to 1 minute
Merge Sounds > "ThePerson" + accept_call > to "PersonAccept"
Store Sound in sound manager > PersonAccept > persons name audio file
Dial 913 Queue
Now go back to Setup > Manage and create an extension of > IVR
Select the IVR "Screen the person" and give it extension # 613
No go edit the Call Queue that you set up previously 913
Click the "Caller Experience" Tab and Disable Announce Position in Queue
Click on the "In Queue" Tab change Riningin Strategy to 1 instead of Infinite
Set route that call to extension VMAIL IVR
If you choose below that you can put your operators extension if 0 is dialed
Save Call Queue

This is in progress so it is not complete yet

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