Call Shop

What is a Call Shop?

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A CallShop is a place where customers can go and make local and international telephone calls. CallShop solutions will help you start generating new revenue stream by providing low cost telecommunication services. In a typical callshop operation, customers come to the location of the shop, make a telephone call from one of the phone booths to any place in the world and get charged upon completion. This allows anyone to make cheap international calls.

We offer you a complete Call Shop solution:

Starter Pack ADSL computer based Voip CallShop

Who can benefit?

  • Internet Cafe's & others

How it works

The operator directs the client to a booth/cabin

  • Client calls to anywhere in the world using a handset or cordless phone
  • Client ends call
  • Operator, logs into the account by clicking onto the CDR (Call Detail Record)
  • Report to determine how much to charge the client for the call
  • Professional callshop module available Learn More

Features and benefits

  • Best Rates - High Quality
  • Faster and better voice quality
  • No charge for connection charges
  • Crystal clear voice quality, local and international calls
  • The most competitive call rates
  • No access cost

Equipment needed:

Adsl Modem router; Linksys ATA ; analog telephone receiver or cordless phone and computer. If you
do not have this, No problem! We will find a solution for you.

For more info:

Visit: Call Shop
Mobile: 0027839860150

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