Call Statistics

What Are Call Statistics?

Call statistics are quantitative information about your company's calls that provide customer insight. They are gathered in real time by telephony-integrated software called call center software.

Call center software creates the environment for call and contact centers and provides the call management tools necessary to process large volumes of calls. There are tools to improve productivity like Automatic Call Distributors and tools to automate call functions like Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, systems.

Call center software also provides robust call analytics tools to monitor and measure calls. Information on how the caller interacts with the company and other call statistics are recorded as part of this information.

Call analytics synthesize the call statistics to provide snapshot into the call center or contact center's operations. They will allow you to monitor and gauge areas like employee performance and lead processing. In terms of leads, it can highlight the most successful advertising campaigns and provide insight on the best way to invest marketing efforts and profits.

Integrating Call Analytics

Call analytics tools are included in full call center software packages, like the SafeSoft products. You can also integrate them separately with a third-party app like the products offered by VanillaSoft.

A few of the call analytics tools that will report various call statistics are:
  • Call recording
  • Call reporting
  • Call tracking
  • Real-time monitoring

Call recording can be used to identify employee-customer interactions that need improvement, while real-time monitoring can show how many callers are currently queued and if all staff are busy. Call tracking and reporting will highlight the caller's history with the company and provide information on the call's origination.

Information gathered for call statistics include:
  • Whether the call was answered
  • How long it took to answer
  • How the call was routed internally
  • Location of the caller
  • Call length
  • Call resolution
  • Number of inbound/outbound calls (by day, week, month, etc.)

Benefits of Call Statistics

Analyzing call statistics gives you tangible data that you can use to benefit your company or call center.

More specifically, collecting and interpreting call statistics will let you:
  • Monitor call volumes
  • Identify call trends for better resource management and staffing
  • Figure average cost of a call
  • See staff response times
  • Identify staff in need of additional training
  • Enhance customer relations
  • Measure campaign success
  • Optimize marketing campaigns
  • Improve targeted advertising using caller information
  • Optimize lead management
  • Increase lead conversion rate

Deploying call center software that gathers call statistics will contribute to a successful call center, satisfied customers, and maximum sales.

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