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CallHippo is an easy-to-use on demand VoIP service provider that enables a companies to increase their productivity by providing local and toll-free numbers of more than 50+ countries across the globe. Enable your teams to collaborate on calls and share information with easy.

CallHippo has an easy 3 step system to set you in quickly.
1. Purchase numbers of 50+ countries around the world
2. Add multiple numbers to the same number
3. Begin calling and receiving calls around the world.

Take Advantage of the Features

CallHippo offers great features to their VoIP services such as:

Call Analytics: Get access to comprehensive phone-call analytics and reports with CallHippo's call analytics. Reporting includes tracking records on call volume, routing incoming and outgoing calls, and call duration. Being able to track phone calls enables you to make more ingenious assessments for real-time phone tracking dashboards.

Call Recording: Keep track of the content of your phone calls to ensure quality phone calls, review data or even have evidence for any legal disputes. Benefits to Call Recording include automatic phone calls, use recorded calls for training purposes or integrating calls for your CRM.

Call Forwarding: Call forwarding is a very useful tool that many companies benefit from. These feature allows you to keep customers engaged with automated greetings and forward based on "not answered", "busy", or any condition as required. This enables you to make sure your clients don't always meet the machine and are unsatisfied with the interaction with your company.

On Hold Music: Keep your clients entertained even when on hold. Many companies prefer to have their clients listening to peppy music for the long periods of time they may be on hold, instead of eerie silence. Choose from a wide array of music options and get your customers to stay connected longer.

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