CallingCard Applications

CallingCard Applications


The CallingCard Applications consists of 3 Applications
For placing the call it will use Application LCDial instead of Asterisk cmd Dial if it is available. So you also get Least Cost Routing and Failover.


  • Handle calling cards with variable credit, startpulse, frequency, tariffrates and announcements (everything can be configured per card)
  • Authenticate against CallerID
  • Authenticate with the use of a PIN (10 digits)
  • Number of simultaneous sessions per card can be configured per card basis (up to 255)
  • Least Cost Routing with the help of Application LCDial
  • Announce the remaining credit
  • Announce the maximal call time for the given destination number
  • Interupt the call if the card balance gets zero
  • Inform the caller about the call interupt 60 seconds before the call gets interupted
  • The Announcement Language can be configured on per card basis
  • Can be used with postgresql and mysql (mysql is preferred and better tested)
  • Can be compiled against asterisk cvs head (at time) and asterisk stable

Compile It

By default it compiles for the use with a mysql database - if you want to compile for use with a postgresql database then you have to comment these lines in app/Makefile

INCLUDE+= -I /usr/include/mysql
LIBS+= -lmysqlclient

and uncomment these lines

INCLUDE+= -I /usr/include/postgresql
ASTERISKINCLUDE=-I/usr/include/pgsql -I/usr/local/pgsql -I/usr/local/pgsql/include -I$(ASTERISKINCDIR)
LIBS+= -lpq

It assumes that the asterisk sources can be found at /usr/src/asterisk, that the asterisk modules directory is at /usr/lib/asterisk/modules and that the asterisk configuration is at /etc/asterisk/.
For compiling it you need to have already installed asterisk ;-) - and the mysql or postgresql client libary and header files.
From asterisk stable to asterisk cvs head the channel structure has changed a little bit - so if you want to compile against asterisk stable then you have to comment this "CFLAGS+=-DUSE_CVS" line to get it to compile (else you would get an error like "error: structure has no member named `cid'"



You will need to record and place the following sounds in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds; prepaid-and, prepaid-auth-fail, prepaid-card-in-use, prepaid-card-inactive, prepaid-cents, prepaid-dest-blocked, prepaid-dest-unreachable, prepaid-enter-card-num, prepaid-enter-dest, prepaid-euro, prepaid-final, prepaid-max-duration, prepaid-minute, prepaid-minutes, prepaid-no-aaa, prepaid-reseller-balance, prepaid-seconds, prepaid-three-failures, prepaid-you-have, prepaid-zero-balance. They are not included in the source code distribution or any of the Asterisk sound packages.


If you are having trouble getting the application up and running and need professional help, feel free to drop us a line at

Management Interface

If you are looking for a management frontend or a turn-key-solution please get in touch with us:

Get it

You can download the actual version here
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