Centerpoint Technologies


Manufacturer of small PBXs, both analog and VOIP.

Centrepoint Technologies designs, develops and manufactures award-winning, innovative telephone systems. The company has set the standard for powerful but affordable small business telecommunications with thousands of small business, branch and home office customers in North America.

About Centrepoint
There are 6 million small businesses in the U.S. and Canada with 1 to 20 employees. Centrepoint Technologies was founded in 1990 specifically to provide innovative telecommunications solutions for these firms.

Traditionally, advanced telephone technology could not be deployed by millions of companies because of its high cost and complexity. Designed for larger enterprises that could afford complicated systems and the technical staff to maintain them, sophisticated phone systems were beyond the reach of small organizations.

At the same time, teleworking and mobility trends, fueled by increasing broadband Internet access, wireless and other technologies, have expanded work zones beyond the office walls, especially for smaller companies. Centrepoint devoted itself to engineering a product that would increase productivity, reduce communication costs and improve the professional image of those businesses.

In 1998 the company launched its award-winning small business and home office telephone system, the Concero Switchboard. Hailed as a breakthrough product by customers and analysts, Concero delivered advanced communications capabilities such as automated attendant, fax detection, music on hold and remote extensions to companies with 1 to 3 phone users.

2005 Centrepoint Technolgoies Changed its name, to reflect is popular product line, to Talkswitch Inc.

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See also for further details on the Talkswitch 48CVA SOHO hybrid IP PBX.

With the latest release of Talkswitch software (4.0), the product line can now function as all analog (CO Lines and extensions), all VOIP, or, any mix desired. For product sales and advice on the Talkswitch 48-CVA Hybrid Small Business Phone System, also see
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