Champion Communications

Full service VOIP to PSTN service. Perhaps one of the fastest growing VOIP servicers in the US today. With record breaking growth due to it's sales model being based in network marketing, it allows for decreased overhead and maximized customer loyalty. Champion Communications is also poised to lead the way into the future providing VOIP service not only to residential customers but also small business customers with 1 or 2 lines, SOFTPHONE, FLASHPHONE, WIRELESS INTERNET, AND MORE!!!

With CHAMPION'S Business Opportunity, you're getting a well positioned partner, not just a VoIP service provider. CHAMPION offers innovative, high-value solutions to your customers in a turn key package to ensure your success.
Champion Communications brought Lou Zant on board as the president of Champion.Lou has been on the cutting edge of breakthroughs in a variety of areas including fashion, health and technology. Beginning right after college, Lou was one of the early initiators of the "blue jeans era." His idea was to create patchwork jeans that fit America. This little experiment in fashion led to the creation of Brittania Jeans Co., with sales growing to as high as $900 million.
After Brittania, Lou met a relatively unknown fashion designer named Calvin and began to market his designs. Within the first years of his marketing efforts, sales for Calvin Klein reached $450 million and Lou became the director of the Calvin Klein Men's Division. Lou’s interests started to diversify and in the early 1980’s, he went on to become Senior Vice President of Heller Securities. In 1986, after maintaining great success in both the fashion and securities industries, Lou decided it was time to move on to his one true passion—health and wellness.
That year, Lou founded five schools of holistic medicine throughout the southeast. Lou’s business savvy proved useful in this venture as well. By the time Lou sold the schools in 1990, they had grown to be the second largest institution of this type in North America.
After selling the schools, Lou became one of the co-founders of Quorum International, a network marketing company specializing in personalized security. With his leadership ideas and a strong group of allies on his staff, Quorum went from 0 to $21 million per month in 18 months. Capitalizing on his knack for building strong communication channels for large networks of users, Lou founded Net Touch Communications or N'Touch in 1996.
As the virtual office industry started to catch on in the late 1990’s, Lou tapped into another cutting edge concept in the telecommunications industry—unified messaging. In 1998, Lou founded GoSolo Technologies, a next-generation telecom company. Under his direction, the company has survived the “Dot Bomb� era, continually developing new ideas and new communication mechanisms for the new millennium.

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