Chan_sccp Faq

The chan_sccp driver is an alternative driver to the chan_skinny that is included in Asterisk. Chan_sccp provides more function to the cisco phones. Download, mailling list, and bugtracker information can be found here: chan_sccp2 driver downloading and setup.

FAQ - Comon questions regarding the chan_sccp driver for Asterisk

  • Any questions that you might have are welcome.

Should I use chan_sccp or the SIP channel drivers on Cisco phones?

  • This largely depends on your needs. If you are using a lot of other SIP devices with Asterisk, you should probably use SIP as it's easier to deal with a homogeneous network. If you're using exclusively Cisco phones, however, chan_sccp works very well. Chan_sccp works especially well in large setups, as the central management is pretty handy.

Will I need the phone firmware with chan_sccp?

  • Yes and no. Cisco phones ship with SCCP firmware, though the version shipped on some of their phones does not correctly display softkeys with chan_sccp. If you want to use SIP you will have to flash your phone with the SIP firmware. If you need to download the firmware, please read more about Cisco SmartNET support contracts.

I need a copy of the XMLDefault.cnf.xml and the SEPxxxxxxxxxx.cnf files

Can I have the same line on 2 or more phones?

  • This is not currently supported. If you want to code it and submit a patch, that would be great :)

Can I use the lights and speed dials on a 7914?

How do I call an extenion and have it auto answer? (Intercom functionality)

  • In your dial plan call the device like this: Dial(sccp/line/aa1w) for 1-way intercom (dialing party can be heard, dialed party cannot) or for 2-way intercom use Dial(sccp/line/aa2w)
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