Channels and Groups

There are three different kind of groups in Asterisk:

(1) group=blah
— This is used to bundle (typically trunk) interfaces together so that you can use something like Dial,Zap/g2/.... to use any of the channels in group 2.
(2) callgroup=blah
— This is a list of group memberships that you belong to for call pickup purposes
(3) pickupgroup=blah
— This is a list of groups that you are permitted to pickup in.

For #2 and #3, basically, you just dial *8# and you can pickup a ringing phone if you have a group in your pickupgroup that is in their callgroup.

hint: pickupgroup is for FXS interfaces while callgroup is for FXO interfaces.

group has nothing to do with either callgroup or pickupgroup.

callgroup is a group of incoming "calls".
pickupgroup is for membership purposes.

A channel that belongs to a pickupgroup, can pickup all incoming calls on the same callgroup by hitting *8#.

A channel can belong to multiple pickupgroup's, ie:

This channel would then be able to pickup calls on callgroup 1, 2 or 3 by hitting *8#.

You can change *8 to something else - see Asterisk config features.conf

group =
sets the group membership for all channels beneath where you define it.

group =
can be a single group or a list of groups.

For example:

group = 1
channel => 1-4
group = 1,2
channel => 5-6
group = 2,3
channel => 7-8
group = 4
channel => 9-12
group =
channel => 13-16

  • Channnels 1-4 are in just group 1.
  • Channels 5 and 6 are in groups 1 and 2.
  • Channels 7 and 8 are in groups 2 and 3.
  • Channels 9-12 are in group 4, and
  • Channels 13-16 are in no groups... so...

would give you the first channel in the range 1-6 that was available.
would give you the largest channel in the range 1-6 that was available see
would give you the first channel in the range 5-8 that was available.
would give you the first channel in the range 7-8 that was available
would give you the first channel in the range 9-12 that was available.

Note that the pickupgroup and callgroup use the same semantics but have to do with remote call pickup.

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