Checklist for trouble shooting

freePbx 2.2.3 /trixbox 2.8.x installation help - what I check if Problems occours:

1. # lsmod > and make sure your Digium Card is listed like wcte12xp
if you miss your d=Digium Card, call the free Digium Harware Support (great guys)
or try > modprobe wcte12xp > and try lsmod again.
If you still miss your module, compile it from Diguim or call the Support
(make sure your ssh is ready for support )

I assume you can see the hardware now.

2. # zttool > and you can see your channels
If ztdummy shows up, you need to remove it with > rmmod ztdummy
3. # ztcfg -vvv > and you configure your channels

4. # ./usr/src/zaptel-1.2.21/xpp/utils/genzaptelconf -d
./usr/src/zaptel-1.2.21/xpp/utils/genzaptelconf -s
depend asterisk is running.

It should work - check your
1. /etc/zaptel.conf



2. /etc/asterisk/zapdata.conf

you can customize your modules also here:

Good luck

Peter Koegel
Xelia Wizard Systems Inc

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