Cisco 12SP with chan_sccp-b

In this how-to, we will use chan_sccp-b (January 10, 2009) from Sourceforge.net.

This HOW-TO is based on Configuring Cisco 12SP+ Phones with Asterisk.

1. Download chan_sccp-b from sourceforge.net

2. Unpack the tarball somewhere, enter the chan_sccp directory and issue
 make && make install 
(you must have the asterisk-devel package if you are using centos/trixbox or it'll complain)

3. add
 load => chan_sccp.so 
to /etc/asterisk/modules.conf

4. Edit /etc/asterisk/sccp.conf (this is basically what mine looks like)

servername = Asterisk
keepalive = 60
debug = 5
context = from-internal
dateFormat = M.D.YY
bindaddr =
port = 2000
firstdigittimeout = 16
digittimeout = 8
autoanswer_ring_time = 1
autoanswer_tone = 0x32
remotehangup_tone = 0x32
transfer_tone = 0
callwaiting_tone = 0x2d
localnet = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/
dnd = on
rtptos = 184
echocancel = on
silencesuppression = off
trustphoneip = no
tos = 0x68	
private = off
privacy = off
mwilamp = on
mwioncall = off
protocolversion = 3
cfwdall = on
cfwdbusy = on
cfwdnoanswer = on

type = 12
autologin = 420
description = cisco12sp+
transfer = on
park = on
dtmfmode = inband
imageversion = P002L2J2
host = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
deny =
pickupmodeanswer = on
context = from-internal
description = Cisco
tzoffset    = 0

vmnum = 420
line => 420
rtptos = 184
echocancel = on
silencesuppression = off
incominglimit = 2
transfer = on
cid_name = Cisco
cid_num       = 420

5. If you are using trixbox, you can run
and it will generate a SEPdefault.cnf for you and stick it into /tftpboot, otherwise create a SEPdefault.cnf per this page.

6. Upload P002L2J2.bin to /tftpboot as well.

7. On your 12SP+, enter in
to get to the configuration menu for your phone. Don't pick up the handset or use speakerphone, just hit **# and you will see something like "press 1 to disable DHCP". Set the IP address, netmask, DNS and gateway **hint: the gateway is your asterisk box, not your 'normal' gateway. It took me a couple of times before this ancient phone actually took the settings, so you may want to go back into the configuration menu and verify your settings.

8. Power cycle your 12SP+ and if everything is **correct**, you should see something similar to this in the asterisk cli

    -- SCCP: Accepted connection from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    -- SCCP: Using ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    -- SCCP: Alarm Message: Severity: Informational (2), Name=SEPXXXXXXXXXXXX  Load=L2.J2  Parms=Status/IPaddr [73/167880896]
    -- SEPXXXXXXXXXXXX: asked our protocol capability (3). We answered (0).

9. Add your newly configured phone to your dialplan.

10. Enjoy!

I also have noticed that most of the function buttons on this phone seem to work (somewhat) with chan_sccp vs. chan_skinny.

Button Map:

Line 1 | Hold/Resume
Line 2 | Transfer
Redial | Call Fwd (?)
Spddial | Park
Spddial | Voicemail
Spddial | ? (Returns "Instance 0 is not a valid instance. Trying the active line 0")

Download chan_sccp-b from voip-info.org

Download P002L2J2.bin from voip-info.org

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