Cisco 79XX upgrade to version 8.x


  • As this process is not documented by Cisco this guide covers upgrading from a phone using the universal application loader (i believe any >6.x, 7.x).
  • If you need to upgrade another combination of current/new firmware refer to the "See also" and "External links" section.

What you need

  • Some tftp/dhcp server (e.g. tftpd32 for windows, or whatever you like/use on *nix)
  • The firmware files from Cisco (we are assuming SIP):
    • -> unzip to your tftp folder
  • XMLDefault.cnf.xml (or SEP<Macaddress>.cnf.xml), aswell goes into your tftp folder

Minimal contents for the XMLDefault.cnf.xml are:
<loadInformation><here comes your .loads filename without the ".loads" extension, eg: "SIP41.8-3-5S"></loadInformation>

Or alternatively the full configuration as detailed here: Asterisk phone cisco 79x1 xml configuration files for SIP

After rebooting the phone it should asks for the <SEP<Macaddress>.cnf.xml> file or if not present for the <XMLDefault.cnf.xml> and should then upgrade to the specified image.

Tested successfully with 7941 & 7961 upgrading from SCCP 7.0.3 to SIP 8.3.4SR1

See also

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