Cisco Certified SIP-enabled IP Endpoints

CyberData Corporation and Cisco - A Unique & Powerful Alliance

CyberData manufacturer a cutting edge range of SIP enabled IP endpoints. The endpoint installation is no different than installing a 3rd party SIP extension. The most popular device is the Cisco CUCM 9.1 Intercom

    • The entire range integrates to Cisco Call Manager
    • Products feature "embedded Cisco SRST" - Survivable Remote Site Telephony (redundancy support)
    • One LAN cable completes the installation

If you can install an IP Phone, you can install a CyberData product. Each device is auto configured onto the network. The VoIP Door Phone or IP Ceiling Speaker will play its own IP address.

Simply jot this down then type it into a web browser.

The following browsers have been tested against firmware version 11.3.0:
    • Internet Explorer (version: 10)
    • Firefox (also called Mozilla Firefox) (version: 23.0.1 and 25.0)
    • Chrome (version: 29.0.1547.66 m)
    • Safari (version: 5.1.7)

After IP Phones, Public Address and Door Phones (especially) are the most popular items to procure. If you are not bundling secure entry and notification devices with your systems, someone else will be !

cisco door phone intercom.png

The above is the flush mount indoor keypad version. The great thing about this product is, it has several uses. They are

    • Access Control
    • Door Phone
    • Emergency Phone
    • IP Speaker

The Indoor Cisco Door Phone can dial multiple Cisco extension numbers within the enterprise. You can also use if for secure PIN Coded Access. Enter a pre set PIN number and the door will open.

Point 4 is one that is a good topic to discuss with the end user. All door phones double as a Paging IP speaker that accept SIP and Multicast.

You can use the 2nd SIP extension for ring groups or mass notification. This is a great add for the End User. if they was to upgrade their PA system to an IP based one. Or use the embedded Singlewire Informacast within Call Manager. They would not need an IP speaker where the door phone was.


This Outdoor secure entry phone is deployed more at site entry locations. Ideal for automated barriers. The dry relay contact features N/O (normally open) contacts. This is enough to trigger a gate or barriers controller unit. Without the need for an external relay and power supply.

Cisco IP phones and mobile phones can trigger the barrier from a remote location.

We have lots of installation tips and videos on our website

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