Cisco Phone Headsets

Some Cisco phones don't use standard headset connections

Comments from the Asterisk Mailing list (and private email) for 7960
  • I use a Plantronics Supra H51 plugged straight into the headset port, and it works great
    • Note: You can use any Plantronics H series headset if you have the Plantronics 26716-01 Replacement Quick Disconnect Coil Cable. I believe that this is the cable that comes with their M12 Amplifier but you can just get the replacement cable instead of the whole amplifier.
  • Plantronics S10 at Office Depot works fine
  • The VXI Toughset 10 (url above) is a wonderful headset, comfortable, and usable over long periods
  • A "Practica Plantronics A100" does not work in the handset port MichaelRichardson. In the handset jack, one can get it working in "MIC #1" position, although it has not worked in the past.
  • This is what I have: gnnetcom It works fine after you find the correct cable and setting in rotation switch (rotation switch must be in B-mode), had to make my own, the one shipped didn't work. Doesn't support answering using the answer button since cisco's interface doesn't provide it. (at least for my knowledge) I think is higher quality than plantronics.

  • 79x2 and 79x5 phones (Firmware 8.3(3) or newer) do support electronic switchhook support with the appropriate cables (into the AUX port). This allows wireless headsets like the Jabra 9350e to wirelessly answer and hang up calls without manipulating the phone's physical handset.
  • This requires adding an <ehookEnable> tag in the vendorConfig section of the phones SEPxxx.cnf.xml configuration file on the tftp server.
  • More information at

Cisco 79xx | Cisco

Do you need the headset for a Cisco IP phone? Do you have a cell phone headset you like? You can use it with your office phone. If you do not have a cellular headset yet, you have whole world open for you. As a matter of fact, it's the only presently available soluton which allows a Bluetooth headset to be used with a Cisco IP phone.

Headset Adapters are available in a variety of designs to fit your environment and a life style. Custom products, like PC multimedia headset adapters or the headset adapter, which allows you to use a headset with the conventional phone instead of a handset are available as well.

See website for more information.

Where to Buy:

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