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Update 03/05/2007: We are now offering voip termination by NPA/NXX billing as well. Discounts will be based on end of billing cycle usage. Up to 20% discounts. Call today to find out more information (602) 296-1120 or visit our website @

Clear VoIP Calling is now offering a new Hosted Voice Broadcasting system. Please call regarding Web Auto Dial for your phone blasts.
Dial as many as 30,000 contacts an hour
100% web based
DTMF options to transfer contacts to your phone system
Existing Customer Discounts
Realtime online reporting features

Clear VoIP Calling, the #1 Source for high quality SIP or IAX termination, now provides competitive pricing on VoIP termination for any sized business.


VoIP Termination
VoIP Origination
Web Auto Dialer (Please call for more information 602-296-1120)
Internet Services
Data Center Services (Co-location)
Consulting (Including Asterisk)
Voip and Network Equipment (Cisco/Audiocodes/Digium/Dell)


CVC's network is located at the Phoenix Data Exchange which is housed in a blast-resistant concrete structure with 18 inch thick steel-reinforced walls. The data center environments are temperature and particulate controlled. Raised floor systems, overhead duct systems, Liebert HVAC units and other elements are used to create superior airflow and heat dissipation.

99.9% SLA
Network 99.8% ACR
Accepts SIP & IAX Handoffs

Corporate Headquarters:
Clear Voip Calling
2922 South Roosevelt Street
Tempe, AZ 85282

Phone: (602) 296-1120
Toll Free: (800) 705-1840
Fax: (602) 220-9083

For more information please email


United States Termination Rates
0-24,999 $ 0.0185
25,000-49,999 $ 0.0175
50,000-99,999 $ 0.0160
100,000-249,999 $ 0.0150
250,000-499,999 $ 0.0095
500,000-999,999 $ 0.0085
1,000,000 $ 0.0080

GSM, G.711U, G.711A
US Rates are billed in 6 second increments
Rates apply to all 48 continuous states
Standard Terms and Conditions


US DID's and Toll Free DID's avaliable at
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