ClearOne MAX IP

ClearOne MAX IP

With MAXAttach IPâ„¢ and MAX IPâ„¢, customers with SIP-based VoIP systems can now enjoy outstanding audio clarity and superior room coverage, at a price point well below the competition.

The MAXAttach IP and MAX IP offer a unique ability, unmatched by competitive products, that allows customers to daisy-chain multiple phones together, up to a total of four. This provides multiple speakers, multiple microphones, and multiple dial pads distributed throughout the room for unrivaled coverage.

In addition, these VoIP conference phones offer the advanced audio signal processing technologies that were originally developed for ClearOne's market-leading professional audio conferencing products. These technologies deliver crystal-clear audio to participants on both ends of the call, and include:

Full-duplex audio
Distributed echo cancellation
Noise cancellation
First microphone priority
Automatic gain and level controls

These new VoIP products also offer a suite of SIP features, including:

3-way calling - allows for ad-hoc conferences without need for a conference bridge
VLAN tagging - allows users to manage bandwidth usage on the network
TLS & SRTP encryption-ready (with future release of firmware upgrade) - secures voice communications over the network
Field upgradeability - allows users to easily download firmware upgrades from ClearOne website and load directly into the conference phone

Suggested Usage

MAXAttach IP (comes with two VoIP conference phones):

Medium to large conference rooms
Training rooms
Unique room configurations, such as U-shaped table layout
Can expand up to four linked phones
Phones can be used in separate rooms with extra base unit

MAX IP (comes with one VoIP conference phone):

Small conference rooms — up to 8 people
Executive offices
Can also expand up to four linked phones

Where to Buy

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