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Free Click 2 Call Buttons for Asterisk/Trixbox server

Click to Call is a very nice feature for any web site. Sure you can hire a software developer who can develop your own Click to Call solution for you. But wait, before you commit your hard earned money, I will show you a better way! is a very powerful Voice 2.0 communication platform with many great features.
One of them is a very nice HTML based Click 2 Call button which can be placed on a website so online visitors can call you or your business. Anveo Click 2 Call button is fully customizable, including its looks and feel, text, messages etc. And the most important is that Anveo Click2Call buttons are FREE. Anveo also has the ability to any other VOIP Service Provider to make outgoing calls (hmm, it means that we can use our Asterisk server as termination provider :) ).

So lets combine these two features and create a Free Click 2 Call buttons for your Asterisk/Trixbox (and others) server!

In this guide I will show you how you can have a powerful Click 2 Call button without writing a single line of code with your Asterisk server processing calls made through your Click 2 Call button (as well as making outgoing calls to Click to Call callers if you want to)! And all of that without writing a single line of code!

Unfortunately, this Wiki does not support HTML code so if you want to see HTML Click to Call buttons in action please visit

Here is how to do it.

Step 1: Anveo Account

Open a free Anveo account at and after you login activate Visual Call Flow and ContactME/Click 2 Call.

Step 2: Anveo IVR Call Flow


Click the 'Create New Call Flow' button and visually configure a simple (or advanced) Call Flow which will transfer a call to your Asterisk Server using SIP Call Control and configure SIP Call Control.

  • Part1:ANVEOCLICK2CALL:SOMEPASSWORD < Please note : character
  • Host Name or IP: IP address of your Asterisk server
  • Port:5060
  • Part2:1
Note: Make sure that ANVEOCLICK2CALL and SOMEPASSWORD matches your Asterisk configuration below

This configuration will send calls to your Asterisk server on the following URI: SIP/ANVEOCLICK2CALL:SOMEPASSWORD@YOURSERVERIP:PORT/1

Step 3: Anveo Click 2 Call


  • Create a new ContactMe profile.
  • Create a new ContactMe button.
In the ContactMe button configuration select Call Flow based and pick your newly created Call Flow.

Note: When you configure your button do not forget to configure which countried you accept calls from.

Step 4: Add to a web site


Click on the 'Post it to website' button -> select Click 2 Call type and copy/paste HTML code provided to your web site.

Almost Done

Now your button is ready and it can be used as it is. However, the button will use Anveo as call termination provider to dial Click2Call callers. If you want to use your Asterisk server instead or if you already have signed up to "all you can eat" plan with another voip service provider you can easily configure your Anveo account to cover such case.

Step 5: [optional] Configure your Anveo account to use your Asterisk as Call Termination provider


And provide your Asterisk server information or use your existing VOIP service provider if you want to.

Step 6: Configure your Asterisk Server

Your Asterisk needs to be configured to be able to use it with Anveo Click 2 Call buttons
Add the following entry to sip.conf

file sip.conf


Add the following lines to extensions.conf

file extensions.conf

;extension 1 will receive calls from SIP Call Control
exten=>1,1,NoOp(Call from Anveo Click 2 Call)
exten=>1,n,NoOp(ToDo the rest of your dialplan)

;OPTIONAL _XX. extension to make an outbound call to Click 2 Call Caller
exten=>_XX.,1,NoOp(Add Dial Plan to place outgoing calls to ${EXTEN})


NOTE: Make sure to replace SOMEPASSWORD and ANVEOCLICK2CALL with your own values.

Step 7: Finish

Now you have Anveo Click 2 Call button on your website fully integrated with your Asterisk without paying a single cent! As a next step you may want to consider creating more advanced call flow, customize your Click 2 Call button look and feel using a simple CSS and even make your Click2Call button in your native language.

Note: Please take all steps necessary to make sure that your Asterisk PBX setup is safe and secure!

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