CW Gateway&Billing platform

This is an unique product which we have developed and are very proud of. The flexible and affordable solution for telecommunication companies that terminates end-users,Calling Card providers and large businesses, that would like to track phone calls and amount spend on each call.Asterisk software, which our product uses as a switch and transcoding engine, is a quickly spreading PBX and Gateway VoIP solution, scalable to serve even wholesale VoIP companies.But Asterisk open source project does not offer any billing solutions , that is where our expertise comes to play. What we provide is a 64 bit platform with integrated Asterisk and IBSng billing software, which allows to bill prepaid and postpaid customers,it also has Calling Card facilities and lot of other features that you can find on IBSng web site.
Why should you buy your product if it is based on open source software? Obvious question anyone asks. We do not sell Asterisk or IBSng itself, we provide a fully working integration solution using CW Radius for Asterisk, which developed by our team of programmers.

We offer turnkey Calling Card platform and prepaid&postpaid billing that using Asterisk as a switching and transcoding engine with the following specification at base price cost only 3,000.00 GBP :

Model: Dell PowerEdge SC 1425
Processor: Intel Xeon 2.8GHz EM64T
Video card: Embedded ATI Radeon 7000-M with 16MB memory
TDM interfaces: Varion V400P card 4xE1. For more information on these cards click here.

Form Factor: 1U rack
Height: 1.675" (4.25 cm)
Width: 17.20" (43.69 cm) w/o front flange
Depth: 24" (60.96 cm)
eight: Maximum weight of 28 lbs (12.71 Kg)
Power: Single power supply (450W)


Dell Server Assistant for PowerEdge SC and Baseboard Management Controller (IPMI 1.5 compliant)

Software installed:

  • CentOS 4.2 x86_64.smp. Kernel 2.6.9-22
  • Asterisk 1.9 stable version. Plus additional packages see below.
  • IBSng 1.13 free version- prepaid, postpaid , Calling Card facilities, billing software.
  • CW Asterisk RADIUS module version 1.02R

Additional packages for Asterisk are included:

  • Add-on sounds - extends library of available sounds for IVR.
  • Postgres 7.4 and MySql - database support.
  • G729 free pass-through codec.

Optional packages:

  • G729 commercial codec has to be purchased from Digium.
  • AMP(Asterisk Managment Portal)- GUI tool for configuring and managing Asterisk, viewing CDRs and etc.

Additional charges apply on optional packages, for details please contact our sale team.

The platform comes with initial configuration and one month support via e-mail.
For more information please visit our web site

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