Commetrex BladeWareVXML

BladeWareVXML is based on OpenVXI, originally developed by SpeechWorks International, Inc., and has been adopted by more telephony platforms than any VoiceXML interpreter. BladeWareVXML was specifically designed to integrate into an existing telephony platform. It consists of a collection of replaceable components to provide maximum flexibility to developers. Developers can keep the components they need and substitute their own where appropriate. BladeWareVXML is also easily enhanced to support proprietary grammar formats, URI types, and VoiceXML objects.

BladeWareVXML provides the VoiceXML component to all developers, who need to add VoiceXML capabilities to their products, eliminating the need to develop the technology on their own and to track changes and additions to the VoiceXML standard. For companies with VoiceXML platforms, BladeWareVXML serves as a reference to ensure that they are executing VoiceXML consistently so they can deliver cross-platform compatibility. As with other open-source technologies, developers can take advantage of any subsequent contributions to BladeWareVXML by Commetrex or any other developers worldwide. See BladeWareVXMLPortal

On commercial usage:

For developers who wish to use BladeWareVXML for commercial distribution without GPL restrictions, BladeWareVXML Interpreter Commercial Edition (CE) includes a commercial license as well as source code, software support and maintenance. Additional advantages of the commercial license include redistribution rights, warranty, indemnification, access to beta versions, and priority response to feature requests. BladeWareVXML Interpreter Commercial Edition (CE) does not require that OEMs release their product under the GPL license..

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