ComtelPBX - Providers CDR Accounting from Administrative Accounts


Feature used to search and export into PDF and CSV files the CDRs per provider within the date range specified. Recommended to do each month in order to perform DataBase cleanup - CDR Stating Through Administrative Interface - afterwards.

Please follow the these steps:

1) Login with administrative account and go to "Logs" -> "Calls"
2) Mark Cost = "Provider"
3) Mark Accounting = "All"
4) Press "Search" in order to activate the search type specified in the previous steps.
5) Once the Provider list appears, mark the "Provider" box and select the desired provider.
6) Press Export to obtain a CSV file or mark the PDF box in case that format is desired.

Configuration Instructions:

In order to be able to search and export CDRs by providers, every provider must be registered in the "provider_accounting" table within the ComtelPBX database, specifying the following fields:

  • account = administrative account allowed to perform queries. Entry must match AgileBill's database "username" field in "ab_account" table.
  • provider = provider allowed to be searched for. Format: didproviderXXXX.

Please report any issues to Max Glucksmann:
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