ComtelPBX Rate Generation

ComtelPBX - AstPP

Rate Tables:

1) callingcards -> routes:
Contains all brands and all brands' destinations in a single table. It must be assembled by combining the tables for each brand, following this process for each brand.

2) rating -> routes:
Same as above, but for VoIP devices and ANI users.



1) Load the "Pattern Template" into the "new_routes" table. This will be the table with most destinations (more specified than every single provider). Currently 7,563 destinations have been identified.

2) Load the "Partial Rate List" which may contain less destinations into the "route_building" table, but has the already set prices.

3) Run the "/usr/local/astpp/" perl script.

4) Now the table contains the rates detailed specifically according to the existing rates and precisely matching area codes. The additional ones will be shown with the defaiult rate.

5) Now all known patterns are shown through the Rate Management UI and the correct profit margins can be seen and set.
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