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A predictive dialer is an automatic dialing system that can dial many telephone numbers at a time.
Many call centers are operated by using a predictive dialer to improve the total productivity.
Predictive Dialing is an ideal dialing pattern to be adopted or switched over for any outbound Contact Centre to survive today’s
cutthroat communications market.Predictive dialing software allows the call center employee to have 50 to 57 minutes of productive
call time/hour.

Features of Predictive Dialer :

. Automatic Call Distribution
. Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
. Preview/Power/Predictive Dialing
. Agent Desktop Solution
. Multimedia Universal Queue
. Web Chat
. Voice Mail
. Voice Monitoring, Recording
. Email Management
. Workflow
. Intelligent Routing
. Voice over IP
. Unified Reporting
. Remote Agents

Benefit Analysis :

. Comprehensive functionality on unified platform
. Flexible Architecture for investment protection – support for legacy point solutions
. Smooth transition to future technology – IP and beyond
. Open interface
. Scalability and Reliability
. Ease of use
. Speed of Implementation


. Trail Blazing Predictive Dialing Capability.
. 70-90% Answering Machine Detection.
. Customized Management Reports for Clients.
. Call Center gets real time information.
. Complete Blending for Inbound and Outbound calling.
. Recording on Demand Tailor made to your client requirements.


. Automatic Call Distributor ACD Systems with ANIS & DNIS recognition.
. Interactive Voice Response IVR System
. Inbound Skill & Priority Based Routing
. Inbound DNC Management
. Call-flow Designer & DTMF recognition
. Notified Wait Time & Queue Position
. Dynamic Call Queuing
. Multiple Music on Hold
. Database Integration
. Missed Call Alert Management on IVR
. Abandoned Call Treatment & Call Back Management
. Unified Messaging & Voice Mail functionality
. Route the call based on Last Interaction


The more prospects an agent speaks to, the more results he will see.
Predictive dialing produces, on average three times the results of manual dialing.
In addition enhances call quality (particularly important when considering customer service issues).

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