Converting RTP to audio

For debugging and troubleshooting it is often desirable to convert a stream of captured RTP packets to playable audio (e.g. a WAV file). A major difficulity in doing this is decoding the many different types of Codecs that can be carried in an RTP packet stream.

Programs with RTP to audio capability - open source

  • VoIPong - captures and decodes G711 RTP streams into WAV files
  • Vomit - decodes G711 RTP sessions
  • RTP Scan - Compiles .wav file from captured RTP traffic on the network, very old and unmaintained, lots of work required to compile successfullly
  • Oreka - capture and retrieval of SIP, Skinny (SCCP) and raw RTP sessions with audio compression, rdbms metadata storage and web based user interface.
  • Wireshark - decodes, analyzes, and plays back RTP streams.

Programs with RTP to audio capability - commerical

Other approaches

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