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Core Telecom Innovations
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Toronto, Ontario
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Core Telecom Innovations exists to provide organizations and industries with vendor-neutral Telecommunications solutions. We believe in the promise of open-source telephony, and the fact that it is now possible for any company to have access to the telecom integration and VoIP solutions they require.

Core Telecom Innovations believes that the traditional model of delivering enterprise telecom solutions does not provide the type of flexibility required by today's corporate reality. Core intends to contribute to a revolution in the industry by demonstrating that open-source telephony systems offer superior flexibility and ability to address needs, while at the same time reducing costs. Our business philosophy includes a commitment to building enduring relationships with the customers we serve, working together for mutual benefit.

Telecommunications Consulting Services

The Core Telecom Innovations team consists of highly experienced professionals with a wealth of telecom knowledge and a keen eye towards helping you manage your Telecom infrastructure. A vendor-neutral approach allows for an unbiased evaluation of both emerging and legacy telecom technologies. Our consultative strategy involves a focus on:

  • Innovative Solution Development
  • Telecom Expense Management
  • Optimization of Existing Systems

Whether your company is looking to rationalize expenditures, add enhanced feature functionality or design and implement emerging technologies, our experts can evaluate and recommend the solution for you.


All of our solutions include End User Training as part of the implementation process, as well as follow-up support. If desired, we can also provide more involved training, from basic administration tasks up to and including full certification.

Asset Management

We apply creative financing to enable our customers to maximize the value of their current telecommunications hardware investments.

We can help you to realize value from assets that other suppliers may tell you need to be replaced. Our unique financing strategies enable investment in technology that might otherwise be difficult to fit into your telecom budget.

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