Cortelco Phones and Asterisk

Cortelco 2747

The Cortelco is a simple SIP phone. Shopping around on the internet, shows prices below $150.
It registers to one server.
It has a builtin web-server, and you can use it to configure the phone, and set the speed-dial buttons.
To set the message button, Go into the on-phone configure menu, and near the end of the menu,
there is a voicemail msg num, select that and enter a number for the phone to dial to pick up voicemail.
--If only one user uses the phone, you can set up asterisk to have that number dive directly to their
voicemail box without requesting a box number or password... just enter some unique number, say "782"
into the phone voicemail msg num spot. Then, in the correct context in the dialplan, enter:

exten => 782,1,VoiceMailMain(772|sa)

Assuming that 772 is the actual voicemail box for this user, when they pick up the phone and hit the message
button, they should find themselves in voicemail main without any box number or pasword prompts.

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