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CorvisaCloud Business VoIP Service

The CorvisaCloud is a very powerful and flexible Voice-over-IP solution for both large and small businesses. It consists of four closely-connected parts – SIP Voice-over-IP trunk service, Cloud Business Phone System, CorvisaOne Contact Center phone management system and the Summit communication application platform. Depending on a company’s needs, it can use one or several of these tools to improve its phone system, lower costs and streamline the phone-based aspects of its business.

Corvisa’s Voice-over-IP system is a great option for organizations that do a lot of business by phone. By routing your incoming and outgoing calls through the Internet rather than conventional phone systems, it significantly reduces a business’s costs while still allowing them to make and receive reliable high-quality calls. Like conventional phone lines, Corvisa’s system is highly secure. It is certified as PCI, SOX and HIPAA compliant, which means it can be used even in very sensitive and highly-regulated lines of business.

Corvisa’s VoIP service is very inexpensive. Outbound calls cost 0.95 cents per minute, while inbound calls cost one cent per minute. Inbound toll-free calls cost 1.75 cents per minutes. Both regular and toll-free numbers cost $2 per month on Corvisa’s service, and existing numbers can be moved over to their system for just $7.50 each. There are no long-term contracts, with each month’s cost depending on your overall usage. In addition to regular and toll-free phone numbers, you can get an iNum international phone number free of charge as well to increase the international visibility of your business.

Cloud Business Phone System

While Corvisa’s SIP Trunk allows you to use any SIP-compatible business phone system, its own business phone system is very effective and competitively priced. There are two options: Standard at $25 per month per user and Premier at $55 per month per user. Both offer a slew of features important to small businesses that rely on their phone systems to do business. Extension dialing and transfers, ring groups, call handling, message indicators, touch-tone and basic voice menus, call recording, call logging and call history are all standard features in this business phone system. The Premier tier adds additional features tailored to a larger office or a small call center such as ring strategies, advanced voice menus, queue-based routing and a dashboard and widgets for monitoring call performance. Both options also offer in-depth control and management solutions through a simple web-based interface.

Because Corvisa Cloud is a Voice-over-IP network, it can be accessed through cell phones, computers or tablets. Corvisa’s softphone app mimics all the functionality of a desk phone, allowing a business many flexible options. It could keep its employees within the phone system even if they are travelling, allow them to work remotely or even do away with desk phones altogether. It also seamlessly integrates with SalesForce and other common CRM platforms, allowing businesses to keep their sales processes highly effective and streamlined.

CorvisaOne Contact Center

The CorvisaOne Contact Center is a scaled up and expanded version of the Cloud Business Phone System. Designed for call centers and other businesses that rely on a lot of phone traffic, it adds features specifically designed to manage high volume of calls and easily manage both agents and clients. Just like the Cloud Business Phone System, it comes in two tiers: Inbound and Complete. Inbound, as expected, focuses on features needed to handle inbound calls. That includes ACD queues, moving calls between queues and interactive voice recognition systems, call prioritization, escape destination, call retry time, custom queue announcements, auto-answer modes and post-call wrap time. It also includes a variety of features for handling agents such as agent status management and automatic agent time-out options. It also allows calls to be routed between queues and agents depending on their time in queue, agent skills or to manage call overflow. Complete adds a number of features focused on outbound calling including campaign management, lead nurturing and automated dialers.

The CorvisaOne Contact Center is a great solution for businesses that need to manage a large call volume. It has all the options necessary to manage a high volume of inbound and, with the Complete package, outbound calls. It also presents those options in an easy-to-use web interface together with dashboards and reports that allow management to track performance in the moment and over time. Additionally, CorvisaOne Contact Center comes with code-level access to Corvisa’s Summit platform. That means that if Contact Center’s existing software and widgets are not enough, it is possible to extend them with custom code or add new apps with completely new functionality.

Summit Communication Application Platform

Both the Corvisa Business Phone System and CorvisaOne Contact Center are built on top of Corvisa’s Summit framework. Summit is the underlying protocol that manages the phone and SMS management functionality that Corvisa’s other applications use. Some access to Summit is already included in the Business Phone System and CorvisaOne Contact Center, but in addition to this Corvisa also provides development kits that allow businesses to use the Summit technology to create their own phone and SMS applications. If a business needs an application with functionality that the Business Phone System or Contact Center do not provide but can’t or won’t hire a development team, it can contract Corvisa to produce the app for them directly. This gives incredible flexibility to businesses working with Corvisa’s phone system management tools, as it allows them to create phone and SMS management applications that cover their specific needs.


Corvisa offers a wide range of phone services for businesses that can fit a wide variety of requirements. Smaller businesses or ones that don’t require advanced call routing features will be very satisfied with the Cloud Business Phone System. Larger businesses that receive a lot of inbound calls or make a lot of outbound calls will find all the tools they need to successfully manage their phone systems in one of the two CorvisaOne Contact Center offerings. All businesses can benefit from the low-cast calling and high quality of Corvisa’s SIP Voice-over-IP service. Finally, any application needs that none of those options fulfill can be managed with custom applications through Corvisa’s Summit framework. This very flexible approach means that a business of any size can fill its phone needs with some or all of the services offered by Corvisa.

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