Covad Voip phone cisco 79xx

Covad refuses to support anything but a new phone when they are readily available on evil bay for much cheaper.

Ok the technical reasons behind it and the solution to get used phones to work correctly.

First off the turn up service and procedures for the Cisco 7690 assumes that the phone has an unsigned image prior to 5.0 on it, more and likely expecting a default manufacturing image.

Since Covad uses the MGCP for their VOIP service they use the ?OS79XX.TXT? protocol change mechanism via TFTP to get the correct firmware and MGCP VOIP protocol into the phone.

So what does this mean for using used phones?

If the phone has been loaded with the MGCP then the normal firmware update (post OS79XX.TXT) mechanism will work to load the revision of firmware that Covad expects the phone to have via their TFTP server.

If the phone has an unsigned image that is before version 5.0 on any protocol (SCCP, SIP or MGCP) it will work, no worries.

If it requires a signed image because it has version 5.0 and newer software on it then things are broken on Covad's server. It looks like they have a fix in place for phones that have the 8.3 filename problem in the OS79XX.TXT file (pre version 3.0?) so that the phone is unable to locate a signed (sbn) file when looking for the shortened file name.

Solution 1 which may disappear once feedback gets back to them. Is to simply setup your own TFTP server, download a back revision of the signed image file (P0M3-05-2-00.sbn) via a TFTP client from Covad?s server, create a OS79XX.TXT that specifies the signed image and point the phone to your TFTP server and reboot it. It will then change it?s firmware to the ?MGCP? protocol, now point the phone to Covad?s TFTP server and reboot it again to load the version of firmware that Covad expects.

Solution 2 is to get a service contract from Cisco, CDW or Insite which takes some time. The part number is: CON-SNT-CP7960. After you have an agreement in place you can download the software from Cisco?s support web site, once you have a version of MGCP you can precede with solution 1.

Newer solution that is less complicated then above:

Login into the dashboard
Select the admin tab
Select the help window
Click on the "Product and Application Knowledge Library" link
Enter "SCCP to MGCP load instructions" in the search box
Follow the instructions and download the attached zip file

Have a phone that has the 7.x universal loader on it?

Download the above zip file for the newer solution and create a SEP<macaddress>.cnf.xmf file with the following data:

<member priority="0">

<loadInformation6 model="IP Phone 7910"></loadInformation6>
<loadInformation124 model="Addon 7914"></loadInformation124>
<loadInformation9 model="IP Phone 7935"></loadInformation9>
<loadInformation8 model="IP Phone 7940"></loadInformation8>
<loadInformation7 model="IP Phone 7960">P0M3-06-2-00</loadInformation7>
<loadInformation20000 model="IP Phone 7905"></loadInformation20000>
<loadInformation30008 model="IP Phone 7902"></loadInformation30008>
<loadInformation30007 model="IP Phone 7912"></loadInformation30007>

The phone will download the MGCP 6.x image and then back rev it self. For some reason the above image has
the default password of "cisco" after the back reving rather then the expected one for Covad networks.

Set the TFTP server address and MGCP server and reboot and bind the phone.

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