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Cyberdata Intercom
Cyberdata Intercom

Cyberdata PoE VoIP Paging Gateway

Cyberdata VOIP Gateway

The CyberData SIP-enabled Paging Gateway allows the use of legacy analog zone paging amplifiers when converting to a VOIP system. The Gateway is compatible with most SIP-based IP/PBX servers that comply with the SIP RFC 3261. The Gateway is powered via PoE 802.3af - no external power supply is needed. ~ description via website

Notes on setup in FreePBX using a SIP Extension:
Set Qualify = no to get it to work.


For more information contact;
Bill Majerczak
831-373-2601 x-102

Cyberdata PoE VoIP Speaker

An overhead paging speaker that connects direct to Ethernet.

From the Data Sheet:

The CyberData PoE VoIP Speaker is a
Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and
Voice-over-IP (VoIP) public address
loudspeaker that easily connects into
existing local area networks with a single
cable connection. The speaker is powered
via a standard ethernet cable – no external
power supply is needed. With its small
footprint and low height, the speaker can be
discreetly mounted almost anywhere.

New in 2009 - VoIP Talk-Back Speaker

The CyberData SIP-enabled Talk-Back Speakers is a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE802.3af) and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) public address two-way loudspeaker that is easily connects into existing local area network with a single CAT5 cable connection. The speaker is compatible with most SIP-based IP PBX solutions. In a non-SIP environment, the speaker is capable of broadcasting audio through a multicast. It’s small footprint and low height allows the speaker to be discretely mounted almost anywhere. Speakers can be mounted into existing ceilings or in one of our enclosure kits. Enclosure kits offered are beveled wall mount adapters and NEW in 2009 our wall mount adapter with a digital clock perfect for schools.

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New since last update

SRST or (Survivable Remote Site Telephony) solutions provide cost-effective call control redundancy. CyberData is the only secure entry solution on the planet to have this feature. So, how does SRST work. Cisco IP Phones and CyberData intercoms at the main site, are backed up to the call manager server. If you have a remote, or smaller Cisco site, that doesn't justify the need, for a call manager server on location, SRST, routes the call back to the centralized server. This fault tolerant support, removes the need for additional servers on-site. Thus helping the installer deliver cutting edge results.

All Cyberdata indoor Intercoms feature SRST
All CyberData outdoor intercom feature SRST

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