D-Link DPH-140S

Dlink webpage for DPH-140S

Business IP Phone (SIP)

Product Features:
• Supports STUN and Outbound Proxy
• Works both on public IP or behind NAT
• Make VoIP Phone Calls over the Internet and Save on Long Distance Charges*
• Speakerphone for Hands-free Conferencing
• Large 2.5・LCD Screen* Displays Caller ID and Address Book Entries
• One-Touch Voicemail Indicator for Direct Access to Voicemail* and more

this is an unlocked VoIP devices that works with any SIP service providers

  • You must choose an Internet (VoIP) Phone Service Plan and sign up for service. VoIP phone plans, rates, and features may vary depending on VoIP Phone Service Provider. D-Link Systems, Inc. is not a Telephone Service Provider or VoIP Phone Service Provider. Note that an electrical power outage or a broadband provider outage will prevent operation of the VoIP phone, including for emergency purposes (e.g. calling 911).
  • 2 2.25・diagonal actual viewing area.
  • 3 Feature must be supported by your Internet (VoIP) Service Provider.


While this phone works well with asterisk, we have had issues with the speakerphone and echoing. After spending quite a bit of time trying to sort out echo settings in Asterisk, we resorted to inserting foam in the phone to limit the amount of leakage from the phone's speaker into the microphone. This drastically increased the quality of the speakerphone function

Pre-Foam internals:


Foam used to deaden speaker echoing


I'm sure we are out of warranty now... --mogmismo

Setup with Asterisk

The easiest way to configure it is through the web interface at http://device.ip.address:9999 there is no username or password set by default so clicking OK should be enough to log in.

Make sure you set your timezone and NTP server. I recommend time.nist.gov.

Under SIP Settings you should put your server ip where is required. MAKE SURE YOU USE *97@server.ip.address on the box labeled "Voice Message Account" otherwise you will get an error when you try to use the voicemail dedicated button.

Set all the other parameters depending on your server, reboot and enjoy!

Where to Buy

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