If you have point-to-point (PTP) ISDN then you may only connect one ISDN device - the PBX - to the S0 bus. In this case the phone numbers are called DDI instead of MSN (point-to-multipoint, PTMP). Other known marketing names are "indialing" for DDI, which usually provides sets of 10 consecutive numbers.

DDI and DID have the same meaning (direct inward dialing).

Term translation into German

PTP: "TK-Anlagenanschluss" (comes with a "NTBIBA")
PTMP: "Mehrgeraeteanschluss" (comes with a "NTBA")
BRI: 2-Kanal ISDN ("ISDN Standardanschluss")
PRI: x-Kanal ISDN (usually 28-30 channels)

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