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Service Name:

Pakistan DID / Local Access Service (Free DID Service - covering 10 regions = Karachi, Gujarat, Faisalabad, Jhelum, Kharian, Lahore, Multan, Sargodha, Sialkot, Gujranwala)

How it Works:

Unlimited calls from Pakistan (Landline or Mobile, at local rates) to either your VoIP / SIP device (ATA / IP Phone / Softphone / Flashphone / Webphone / WiFi Mobile / Mobile with Fring) for Free.
No need for PC or Internet, your friends and family in Pakistan just dial a local access number for THEIR region (Local Call Rate) and it will connect to your VoIP / SIP Device for Free.
You can forward this call to your landline or mobile (Phone to Phone Service) and it will cost the low cost Tpad Call Rate to the country where you mobile is located.
You can be anywhere in the world (Saudi Arabia / Kuwait / Qatar / UK etc...) and stil recieve these calls for Free (Talk Global, Pay Local)


Friend and Family in Pakistan = Local Call Rate or what cost their telephone provider charges them to dial that area of pakistan.
Tpad User = Receive the call on VoIP Device for Free or call forward to mobile / landine (Tpad Rate)

Other Benefits:

No Connection Charges or Hidden Fees
Per Second Billing
No Contracts / Pay as you Go Credit / Credit never expires
Unlimited Incoming Minutes from Pakistan, anytime of the day
Free SIP VoIP Incoming Telephone Number (used to make and receive free calls anywhere in the World)
Choice of 15 free softphones / diallers
Free Voicemail to Email
Compatible with any SIP / VoIP Device - (ATA / IP Phone / Softphone / Flashphone / Webphone / WiFi Mobile / Mobile with Fring or Nimbuzz)
SIP Guides
24/7 Customer Support and Live Chat

Try now for Free:
Website: Tpad Pakistan Local Access DID Numbers - Tpad The Global VoIP Network
Contact us: support@tpad.com
Create Free Tpad Account: https://secure.tpad.com/signup/
Download a Free Softphone / Dialler: http://www.tpad.com/tpad-free-softphone-download/
Tpad Help Forum: http://forum.tpad.com/index.php

Pakistan has now 157 licences for Local Phone Serivce, and we will soon see many popping here.



DIDX offers did's from pakistan in wholesale. You can buy the DID using credit card instantly.
DIDX has exclucive deals with 3 Major Telecoms in Pakistan and sell's their numbers on DIDX.net

Any qty you want, ask for bulk discount . Bulk = 100+

- Retail - Call Forwarding Providers Sip Trunking Providers

PakistanTEL.net - Pakistan Telecom
You can now buy numbers from 45+ Cities of Pakistan including the list below.
You can forward the number to google, Yahoo, Msn, SIP, Iax2 or PSTN.

Country : Pakistan
S. No. Area Code Area
1 21 Karachi
2 22 Hyderabad
3 233 Mirpur Khan
4 235 Sanghar
5 242 Naushero Feroze
6 244 Nawab Shah
7 25 Dadu
8 297 Badin
9 298 Thatta
10 41 Faisalabad
11 42 Lahore
12 454 Joharabad
13 459 Mianwali
14 46 Toba Tek Singh
15 47 Chiniot
16 48 Sargodha
17 49 Kasur
18 51 Islamabad
19 52 Sialkot
20 53 Gujrat
21 546 Mandi Bahauddin
22 55 Gujranwala
23 586 Mir Pur (Ajk)
24 587 Rawala Kot
25 588 Muzaffarabad
26 61 Multan
27 62 Bahawal Pur
28 63 Bahawal Nagar
29 64 Dera Ghazi Khan
30 66 Muzaffargarh
31 67 Vehari
32 682 Jamal Din Wali
33 71 Sukkur
34 722 Jaccobabad
35 726 Shikarpur
36 74 Larkana
37 81 Quetta
38 833 Ahmadun
39 838 Jaffarabad/Nasirabad
40 853 Lasbela
41 91 Peshawar
42 923 Jahangira
43 937 Kalam
44 938 Chota Lahore
45 942 Dassu
46 946 Swat
47 992 Abbotabad

virtualphoneline.com - Virtual Phone Line
You can now buy numbers from 25+ Cities of Pakistan.
You can forward the number to google, Yahoo, Msn, SIP, Iax2 or PSTN or fax

Phone2net.com - Phone 2 net - Your incoming VOIP service provider
You can now buy numbers from 25+ Cities of Pakistan including.
You can forward the number to google, Yahoo, Msn, SIP, Iax2 or PSTN or fax

Unlimited Incoming, Multiple Channels - www.phone2net.com/charges for rates

Dialmonster LLC
Buy a Pakistan local number from dialmonster.com's to establish a virtual local presence in Pakistan

+1 (866) 7439121+61 38 807 2150+44 (208) 819 7077
EMAIL: support@dialmonster.com

Toll Free:

Paktoll is a forwarding service. You can forward Pakistan's Toll free DID to Any phone in the world as well as any SIP Address.

For official Page Please visit here

They take the govt allocated calling card prefixes and issue's users a number on it, pretty smart, and works well i guess, I have tried to buy, but did not work for me.


Brain Telecommunication Ltd.
Mr Basit Alvi
730-Nizam Block,
Allama Iqbal Town,
BrainTEL Support Forum

Cheapest Phone Service if you are a Pakistani, Have a relitive buy you an account there, and use it from anywhere in the world, works great.

http://www.SuperPhone.com.pk Provides SIP Based phone service from Pakistan, for $4.95 a month for unlimited incoming and 6.9 cents a min out going to Pakistan, You can add call forwarding on it if you like and forward the call to any pstn if you are off line.

http://www.phone.net.pk Provides SIP Based phone service from Karachi. The service is currently only peer to peer and is a demo for Super technologies software that ITSP's can buy to become a VOIP provider in their local market.

Jetnumbers CommunicationJetNumbers provides virtual phone numbers from Pakistan as well as other 60 countries over the world. The calls can be forwarded to any international destination, including a call center, a regular phone line, a SIP phone or even Skype. Free trials are available

mydivert.com - VoIP DID Numbers Virtual DID numbers from Pakistan as well as other countries. 24 Hour trial on all purchased DID

Nethawk (Pvt) Ltd - Inbound Pakistan Number Real Phone numbers of All Major cities of Pakistan, forwarded to your VoIP Devices and VoIP client software and Mobile Phone Dialers , 24 Hour Technical Support.

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