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This company has come out of nowhere with what looks like a "too good to be true" offer.

from their site:
"If you are a small startup or an old telecom leader wanting to buy DID numbers for your customers from different markets and different part of the world, this is the web site for you.

Our API will integrate in your database and will let you show all our available DID stock on your own web site, therefore you will be able to show ALL our inventory from suppliers all over the world, to be used by your web site.

At this time we have not decided on rates what we will be charging for this service, so you can go ahead and use it free of charge, but there is no guarantee of service at this time."

Click here for their list of DIDs which they say are FREE.

To get a DID from them:
To get a DID from them sign up, then click on the "Buy DIDs" in the top menu.
Choose your country, then city (if available)
You'll have a list of phone numbers to choose from. Two things will happen you'll click on the number and you'll get the list again (if this happens I think that's a bug, and that country or at least that number might not be available) otherwise it'll ask you to which SIP or IAX should they forward it to.
You can put your SIP URI (i.e. 9545551212@sip.yourSipProvider.com)

I think what they are (after thinking about it a lot more...) is that they are a DID Exchange. (yeah amazing how I got that out of the actual name on the front page) So it's NOT that the DID's are not working, it's that people are playing and putting their mother's phone number as possible DIDs.
Eventually maybe this will be a great place to sell some DIDs you got. and buying DIDs from small guys. (Hopefully)
So let's keep these people in mind, and maybe one day they'll do something great for us.

Please post your reviews here

Damian - " I have tried it. It's a little complicated. You sign up but don't give your paypal or credit card #, so they can't rip you off right... Well I signed up and asked for a phone number in colombia (which they strangely typed columbia like the city) and one in canada.
The one I got from colombia looked too short, and I couldn't dial it. I called the one in canada and got a fast busy (congestion) sound, but I'll update this review if this changes."

Manu - "Not working. I signed up and registered several DID numbers but none of them is working.

Loopvogel - The idea is nice, but unfortunately, as the other comments already confirm, it is NOT working... I tried several times, but none of the numbers work.

EdieTel - This page must have been initially made at the beginning of DIDX early 2005 because as of today, it looks like DIDX has a couple thousand or more account holders that include some big names. I've bought some nice nice nice Canada and Global Crossing DID's. Even bought a Lagos DID late last year when needed. I am impressed. DIDX and Voxbone are both pretty smart items, each with a different focus. My needs are met by this didx. It was a blessing from heaven for me, and I'm not religious. June 2006
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