DIDx or DIDXchange is the world's first and largest DID/DDI (Direct Inward Dialing Numbers) exchange. It made its debut with 100 future-thinking ITSP members in August 2005. Just over one year later, it was 3500+ members strong. With one simple interop, a new member has an immediate interconnect with 12,500+ service providers as of March 2009.

DIDX is a wholesale only DID number marketplace that enables ITSPs to be a DIDX Seller to 12,500 DIDX Buyers. It provides numbers from 60 nations including the latest Kenya, Colombia, Iceland, Japan and more. The DIDX Buyers can now automatically make available all of the DID they wish to share for sale from their own web sites via our API free of charge until sold to their end-users. DIDX pays the DID Seller after the DID Buyer buys.

DIDX provides free of charge billing service to sell DID numbers via the DIDx network to any other ITSP anywhere in the world using SIP or IAX2 protocol.

Once DIDs are sold, the DIDs are instantly routed to the DIDx Buyer's SIP or IAX2 address.

    • Guarantees: DIDX guarantees each DID number in the system with option for 100% money back within 36 hours of purchase, and if any DID does not work for more than 3 days, get 100% money back for the same month.

    • Free Testing: Each DIDx DID is available for 36 hrs free of charge for testing. Not 100% satisfied? Return it before 36 hours for a full refund.

Until Jan 2008, DIDX Buyer members kept a minimum of 20 DID's listed on DIDX to avoid the wholesale monthly minimum fee. Seller members made available a minimum of 50 DIDs. DIDX is a wholesale platform. After Jan 2008, the minium required was 50 purchased DIDs from buyers and 50 international DIDs or 1000 USA DIDs available for sale.

Advantages for DID sellers:
Sellers can make available their DID stock on DIDX and at their own web site at the same time. DIDX has over 12.500 ITSP members to sell their DID to, a whole new opportunity, from a market of one's local to the world, similar to the eBay business strategy.

There is no listing fee for the selling of the DID number.

Seller does not have to provide customer service nor billing to the Buyer. DIDx does this for them.

    • DIDX is also a supporting organization, press agent and media partner to IP communications related conferences to further assist its wholesale customers and suppliers to gather information, meet with other developers and monetizers for new and further business, and provide opportunities to sponsor, exhibit, present and participate. See events. Check our podcast and videos on TheSupertec and The VP on SourceGen and Youtube, too.

Web site: http://www.didx.net

DIDx is patent pending.

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