DIDx Press Releases

DIDXchange is the ecosystem/marketplace of 5000+ wireless operators, clecs, ilecs, ip pbx providers, ims providers, asps, call centers and other wholesale and large entity buyers and/or sellers of DID, direct inward dialing.

The Super Technologie, Inc. care team under the direction of CTO Rehan Ahmed and its CEO Suzanne Bowen bring the world of VoIP providers together for flexibile, cost-effective peering of VoIP DID. More press releases can be found at http://www.supertec.com/press and http://www.didx.net/press.

March 14, 2007. DIDX Tops 5000+ Members, Largest Ever VOIP Exchange and Peering Service Provider

March 8, 2007. DIDX Media Sponsor, Spring VON Voice on the Net Conference March 19-22, 2007

Feb 9, 2007. Super Technologies ASP Launches CFMS to Compliment DIDXchange Membership Needs

Jan 22, 2007. DIDX.net Brings the World of VoIP Customers to Every DIDX Member

Dec 23, 2006. Perfect Holiday Gift, Microsoft's MSN Messenger Can Receive Calls from Any Phone via Virtual Phone Line

Dec 9, 2007. DIDX (DIDXchange) Marketplace Embraces Free VoIP Peering

Nov 26, 2006. Why DIDX continues to lead in origination provision for IM, CLEC, ILEC, PSTN, and ISP providers?

Nov 8, 2006. DIDXchange Announces Comsys as one of Trusted API Implementers

Sept 22, 2006. Case Study: Broadband Solution Communication Empowered by DID Number Peering

Sept 14, 2006. WildGate Joins DIDX to Sell 500,000 United States DID Numbers

Aug 17, 2006. DIDXchange Nominated for World Communication Changemaker Award

Jul 20, 2006. DIDX.net Global DID Exchange Reaches 2500+ Members Benchmark

Jul 8, 2006. El Salvador Successful Leap into VOIP Bandwagon

May 6, 2006. SIPphone.com Joins DIDxChange.com

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