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View DIDX. www.didx.org began in August 2005 as a beta project for DID exchange over SIP, H323 and IAX2. By 2006, the new website is http://www.didx.net/. By 2009, it serves 12,500 wholesale telephony companies from 170 nations. The vendor members on DIDX make available for sale DID from 55 countries.

'DIDX' is also known as DIDXchange. DIDX is an example of a wholesale DID exchange. It is a service provided by Super Technologies, Inc. and the invention of Rehan Ahmed. It is the wholesale marketplace, community, and exchange for buying, selling and/or trading DID, Direct Inward Dialing. DIDxchange is considered an example of a digital ecosystem or business ecosystem, an open, demand driven collaborative environment where each digital species (networked agents such as incumbent, CLEC, IP PBX seller, contact center, Instant Messenger Provider, wireless operator, Internet Service Provider, application service provider) 'is proactive and responsive for its own benefit or profit' in the trade of DID, direct inward dialing. The constantly evolving DIDXchange environment supports cooperation, flexibility, scalability, DID pool sharing via the DIDX API and use of open and adaptive technologies such as SIP. It is a business model innovation evolved from the new global digital economy.

Wholesale voice members complete a seven step interoperability process resulting in an instant interconnect with 4700 other wholesale voice members to buy and sell DID (phone numbers). Any of the 4700 (as of Jan 2009, 12,500) wholesale VoIP DIDX members may search according to its requirement of number of channels, calling card use granted, flat rate and number of included minutes, codecs supported, and vendor rating. Vendor rating is scaled 1 to 10 with 10 as the highest. Vendor rating is determined by length of membership, quality and quantity of its DID for sale on DIDX, references, DUNS report, financials and other criteria.

Voice industry members are providing on DIDX millions of DID from 53 countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, UK, USA, Greece, Guatemala, Italy, Jamaica, Honduras, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Hungary, Iran, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, Israel, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, Portugal, Reunion Island, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Spain, Sweden, Singapore, South Africa, and Venezuela.

The concept of DIDXchange was nominated for the 2005 and 2006 http://www.pasha.org.pk PASHA Best Communication Product award and Internet Telephony Excellence Award 2006. It was nominated for the http://www.apicta.com Asia Pacific ICT Best Communication Product award in 2006 and the http://wca.totaltele.com/Custom_13291.stm World Communication Changemaker Award List in 2006, Digium Innovator Service Provider Award 2007, and VON Innovator Award 2008.

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The following coments are added by Suzanne Bowen, one the USA-based employees of Super Technologies, Inc. since 1999. DIDX has no membership fee. It is a wholesale exchange or marketplace that does not wish to compete with the clients it serves. Therefore, there is a $50 minimum quantity fee applied to all BUYER accounts with fewer than 50 purchased DIDs and all SELLER accounts with fewer than 1000 USA DIDs or 50 international DIDs.

DIDX does not send out legal notices. Governments of different countries including the USA subpoena for information about fraud on telephony use such as donotcall and other crimes by the end-users of some DIDX buyers. This is not the fault of the buyers. DIDX and its members do agree to comply with legal authorities in these cases.

DIDX is a service of Super Technologies, Inc. since 1999. Its team is composed of employees based in the USA, UK, UAE, Mexico, China, and Pakistan. No one hides behind anyone. Check DIDX blogs, videos, and more to see its validity. It is also a member of the Better Business Bureau, Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of Commerce, Dun and Bradstreet, Linking Arms, Inc., ITGulfcoast, and more. Its service has won the 2006 World Communications Changemaker list in UK, 2007 Digium Innovator Service Award, 2008 VON Innovator Award and more. It also serves as a media partner for dozens of worldwide conferences via 12,500 DIDX wholesale member portals and the TMCNET portal at http://www.tmcnet.com/channels/did-ddi/.

The following is priceless, sensational literature. I Suzanne Bowen will not delete it because it's like the National Enquirer for Voip, and we all need some humor in what some call the dark ages of economic crisis. In addition, if a person is Pakistani, this does mean he is crooked. The statements made below appear to be based on prejudice.

(This is completely lame as they again state "no Membership fee" as if to support the lie on their main page

Furthermore these guys have been known to send out "Legal Notices" by what claim to be attorneys in Florida, and well just turn them in to the Florida Bar as has been done before. Their attotrney , if attorney, is most probably in Pakistan, and know nothing of USA law anyway.

It is obvious their ethics are not those if a USA business as well. I think the have a couple non pakistani employees who answer phone calls but these guys are about as crooked as it gets. They ARE PAKISANI and hide behind a few non Pakistani employees. They have even deleted similar comments off of this Wiki, to hide their misdeeds.

Tis same company was suspected of hijacking a domain similar to their company name in about 2002 and it was all done from Pakistan, and most probably associated with Arif Durani the Pakistani convicted in the Iran Contra Affair Scandall, and I think is now again in a federal prison for terrorist acts.)
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