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Super Technologies Inc has been providing telecommunication services since 1999. and is based out of Pensacola, Florida, United States.
With Headquarters in the Sunny North West, Gulf Coast of Florida, Super Technologies now has offices in Singapore, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, and Poland.

Products include:
MySuperPhone.com MySuperPhone.com - World First Device to offer incoming and outgoing phone service over the internet in year 2000, way before Vonage.

SuperPhoneUnlimited.com - Our first true broadband based phone service

VirtualPhoneLine.com - Virtual Phone line first started in 1998 was an idea of offering telephone service over ip device, with help of ITL Seattle, we were able to make Super Phone the first device ever to receive phone calls over the internet on an ip device and called the service Super Phone.

DIDx.org now known as DIDX.net - World's First DID/DDI (Direct Inward Dialing Numbers) exchange in early 2005 beta. Allows ITSP's to provide numbers from different parts of the world, from their own web site, and only pay when their customer pays them.

PhoneOpia.com - Our PC to Phone Service. Totally SIP Based. Can be used with SER And asterisk or xpro type clients. This website's features have changed many times since this first posting.

Phone2net.com - Offers REAL World Numbers as sip peers.

Ipstar.us - Free UK Numbers on your sip or iax address.

InternationalCallCenters.net - Offers Weekly and Monthly Staff Remotely for any kind of customer service, accounting, or administrative work.

CallCenters.org - Web Forum for Call centers.

IP-Pabx.com - Totally Hosted Web Based IP-Pabx System, Very Low priced. You place an order, choose your area code, choose extention qty, we ship you ip phones, you plug them on the internet, and wala, you have a pbx system up and running. the extentions can be anywhere in the world, and they will work fine. visit the web site for demo, or email us for a free test account.

superpbx.net - Total Solution for your ippbx requirement. starting from 1500$ only for a 2 pstn line and 10 ip phone lines and 100 extentions, superpbx ranges from 2 lines to 16 e1/t1's

Jetnumbers.com - JetNumbers provides virtual phone numbers from all over the world. The calls can be forwarded to any international destination, including a call center, a regular phone line, a SIP phone or even Skype. Free trials are available. This is not a service of Super Technologies, Inc., but JetNumbers is a successful member of DIDX. We are proud to showcase them and as of June 2009, the 12,500 other companies using DIDX to buy and/or sell phone numbers.
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