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The active DIDXchange is at Didx.net, not http://www.didx.org anymore. Knowledge Base for www.didx.net is at kb.didx.net. Please note that DIDX.org was changed to DIDX.net in early 2006.

Q. Who can use DIDX?

Ans: Anyone with a SIP or IAX2 network who needs to buy at least 50 DID or sell at least 50 international DID or 1000 USA DID, examples: mobile operator, social community portal, virtual office provider, call forward management system, voip company, clec, ilec, etc.

Q. Can I use DIDX for my billing management?

Ans: DIDX bills the DIDX Buyers on DIDX for the DIDX Sellers for DID's the DIDX Buyers purchases from DIDX Sellers on DIDX. DIDX sellers can view their DID sales status in the MY Bills section of the DIDX portal.

Q. Which protocols and codecs do you support?

Ans: DIDX supports SIP and IAX2 Protocols and also G723, G729, GSM, G711A and G711U. It does not matter what codec the supplier makes available for sale the DID on DIDX. The DIDX system converts it for the DIDX members.

Q. How does the billing work in the API, do we redirect the customer to you, or who charges the end user?

Ans: You are the DIDX customer, we only charge you. You the DIDX Buyer bill your own customer (end-user), and charge him however you want him to be charged.

Q. Can we setup our own prices, or what price do we sell DID as a buyer to our end-users?

Ans: DIDX will charge the wholesale DIDX Buyer the amount that you amount visible in the API or when manually buying. Then, the DIDX Buyer will charge its customer whatever it wants to charge him.

Q. Is there a membership fee?

Ans: No membership fee. DIDX assigned $20 minimum quantity fee per month billing when the wholesale minimum purchase or DID available for sale is not met as of the 1st of Jan 2006. This changed to $50 in 2007 with several notices via blog, email, FAQ and portal announcements. The DIDX is set up as a wholesale marketplace. It is not meant to be a competition for the clients it serves.

Q. Do I have to route the DID to you ?

Ans: Yes, in order for DIDX to be able to sell the DID instantly to the other wholesale customers, DIDX must have control of that DID number. Otherwise the model will not work.

Q. What address do I send my DID number to ring to?

Ans: Please see address to send DID number.

Q. How does DIDX make money?

Ans: We mark up the price by $1 or 10-20% of the DID original price, and then sell it to the customer. This covers Internet bandwidth usage, support, human resources and other cost.

Q. How can I add the DIDs that I have if I want to sell them on DIDX?

Ans: Once you route the DID to DIDX, to add DID(s) in DIDX.net, just login to the website and click on the ‘Add Inventory’ link. A new ‘Add Inventory’ form would appear, select the country for which you’ve the DID(s). See the area list for that particular country would get loaded automatically. Select the area to which the DID(s) belong. If you have only one DID number to offer, enter it against the ‘Single Number’. If you have a series of DID numbers, enter the first and last numbers of that series against ‘Multiple Numbers’. Then insert the ‘Setup’, ‘Monthly’ and ‘Per Minute’ charges that you want to charge on the DID(s) and press the submit button.

.Q. I've forgotten my password, how can I get it back?

Ans: Go to www.DIDX.net/password/ and enter your account number or email to get your account number with password.

Q. Who collects payments from the DIDX Buyer for us who are the DIDX Sellers, you do or we have to bill directly?

Ans: DIDX collects all payments, and gives to you your original requirement. You do not have to bill anyone.

Q. When can we expect money from DIDX ?

Ans: Expected date of launch for DIDX service is 1st August 2005. After that DIDX will charge the customer, and we will start paying DIDX vendors by 1st of September 2005 in the amount due 45 days back in increments of a minimum of $100 each as often as the DIDX Seller bills DIDX to pay.

Q. When do I get paid ?

Ans: Once your offered DID is sold, and 45 days are passed, DIDX pays you for that DID. If the DID did not work for more than 3 days in a week, DIDX will not pay you for that DID, and DIDX will not charge the customer for it.

Q. How do I get paid?

Ans: DIDX pays payments under $500 via Paypal or Moneybookers or over $500 via check, ACH direct pay or wire transfer.

Q. Can I send my small customers to DIDX to buy DID your way?

Ans: Yes please. We want your help to expand our network, and we want your headaches to be ours, so send your small customers our way.

Q. What is the QOS on your service?

Ans: Every single DID is tested once per week. If the DID does not work any day, it gets logged, and you the DIDX Buyer and the provider (DIDX Seller) get an email. If this happens, DIDX will not pay the provider for that complete one month period because of the outage for that duration, and DIDX will not charge you also.

Q. What is the DID Rating?

Ans. Each DID is tested once per week, with different kinds of tests, i.e., DTMF, Alive or Dead, Caller ID, etc. Based on these tests, DIDX gives a rating to the DID where 0 is the failed and 1 is passed.

Q. What is the Vendor Rating?

Ans: Based on the vendor relationship quality and Duration, DIDX rates the vendor, and the better the vendor, the higher the rating. Best vendor is 10 and Lowest is 1.

Q. How do I configure my asterisk to accept calls from DIDX?

Ans: We recommend that you study Asterisk websites, perhaps participate in an Asterisk Boot Camp, or hire someone to your staff who is experienced with Asterisk. DIDX does provide expert service for configuring your asterisk box at a fee if you cannot afford to hire someone for your company to take care of technical aspects. We also recommend asking members of the Asterisk-Biz list or Voip Users Conferences and other groups or experts for consulting and guidance. Please look at www.DIDX.net/configs/ and http://kb.didx.net for basic asterisk instructions, and if you feel you still need assistance, login to your account, and press the contact us button, and request support. DIDX will charge your account and make an appointment call for you.

Q. What is the purpose of 'Request DIDs' feature?

Ans: Suppose you come to DIDX.net and couldn't find DID's for the area you were looking for. This is where 'Request DID' comes in handy. Just go there and select the country and area and submit your request. All the members of DIDX will then be sent an email requesting this DID area code availability, and if some one adds this area code, you will get an email and the number will be assigned to you automatically. DIDX takes $25 deposit from you against this order. DIDX asks you the maximum money you are wiling to pay for this area code, and if we find a deal for you, we charge you.

Q. Can I use the DIDs from DIDX for my Calling Card Service?

Ans: Yes, you can use DIDX numbers for any and all reasons; however, remember that we buy these numbers from different vendors. If you are buying a flat rate DID, chances are that if you use them for calling card, the supplier will close the line. We recommend to buy a per min number for calling card purposes. We also offer www.phone2net.com where you can buy DID with unlimited minutes and can buy the number of channels also. In some cases, some DIDX sellers are giving a choice to purchase by minutes (flat rate includes a certain number or minutes and channels) or by channels (buy DID with unlimited minutes and buy as many channels as you want).

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