The Pirelli Discus (TM) DualPhone DP-L10 is a nice WLAN-phone with mixed GSM/VoIP-capabilities.

It's branded by some ISPs and is also known as:

  • Acor Twintel

Quick Review (after one day playing with it):

  • firmware is not available by Pirelli, alternative firmware sources are Sipgate and Arcor (with branding)
  • WLAN with WPA2-PSK works great (password length is limited), EAP did not work but could have been my setup
  • hidden functions (###800# engineering mode, ###810# Remove User Data!, ###520# Show Version)
  • DTMF is send as audio? (did not check further:echo test cancel with # does not work, some external Voicebox does not work, but DISA works)
  • only one SIP-account supported (but there exists reports with multiple accounts in other firmwares)
  • modern design, acceptable quality
  • integrated browser for WAP and Web (limited use, only simple pages)
  • interoperability with asterisk was no problem
  • supports multiple simultanous VoIP-calls (no conferencing)
  • configuration via phone menu no browser (quite a job entering the WPA2 key)
  • Windows based update software

After using it for a couple of days here are my issues:
  • the firmwares are more or less the same, Arcor has the latest version, but DTMF does not work for me (seems to be inband)
  • I had some limited luck setting up my own provisioning: Firmware update via Web is much easier if you got no Windows box :), I was also able to change some settings via my own provisioning file that I found in the image (enable some more codecs) but I wasn't able to enable DTMF via RTP (what worked in an other firmware)
  • I bounced into an ugly bug that made me almost crazy: I noticed, that all incoming calls were silent (in/out) when picked up, outgoing were just fine. What looked like some NAT/RTP related issue was some kind of bug that was caused by some headset-logik. When I wasn't using the phone it was in the charger where I couldn't keep the headset plugged in. When somebody called me, I picked it up and answered - no sound. When I plugged in the headset it worked. I "solved" the problem with a factory reset....
  • I didn't test the GSM, so no results for that part
  • I've seen some tool that splits the firmware into multiple files from where you can start messing with it, but I was too afraid bricking my device, and an online image converter
  • If you register to asterisk, set "qualify=no" to increase standby time on battery

Where to buy

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