DSx (Digital Signal X)

A standard for signaling and multiplexing of data on digital communications circuits.
The DSx standard is derived from: ANSI T1.107.

DSx data rates are multiples of one DS0 = one 64 Kbps channel.
A DS0 normally carries one phone voice channel or 64Kbps of data.

A DS3 (also known as a T3 Line) is an ultra high-speed connection that is capable of transmitting data at rates as fast as up to 45 Mbps which is equivelent to 28 T1 circuits.

IDSpeedNum DS0E/T Equiv
DS064 Kbps1-
DS11.544 Mbps24T1
-2.048 Mbps32E1
DS1c3.152 Mbps48-
DS26.312 Mbps96T2 (4 T1)
-8.448 Mbps128E2 (4 E1)
-34.368 Mbps512E3 (4 E2 or 16 E1)
DS344.736 Mbps672T3 (28 T1)
-139.264 Mbps2048E4 (4 E3 or 64 E1)
DS4/NA139.264 Mbps2176-
DS4274.176 Mbps4032- (168 T1)
-565.148 Mbps8192E5 (4 E4 or 256 E1)

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