DTH Free Call Rating System

web site http://www.dthvoipbilling.com/call-rating-service.aspx

This free, hosted service was designed primarily for companies who need to rate and tax their call records but may not be able to justify implementation of a full VoIP Billing and Customer Management system.

Using our service is simple. Import your rate sheets, upload your call records (file upload or SOAP API) and we will return rated records to you.

Once you get your rated file back, you can use your accounting system (QuickBooks®, etc) to send out your invoices.

We currently support Native CSV, Asterisk CSV, VoIP Innovations and Sansay VSXi source file formats for postpaid environments and a SOAP API for real-time or prepaid environments.

Additional information http://www.dthvoipbilling.com/call-rating-service.aspx

2010-06-25 - Initial release of the Free Call Rating (FCR) service .
2010-10-20 - Taxation module added to our Free Calll Rating ("FCR") service.
2010-11-30 - Inter/Intra state calls types added to FCR.
2010-12-15 - Release of client utility allowing millions of cdr at a time to be submitted for rating/taxation.
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