DTH VoIP Billing and Customer Management

VoIP Billing Software

web site http://www.dthvoipbilling.com.com

The DTH VoIP Billing system has been designed for telephony companies providing class 4 or class 5 service, including hosted PBXs.

We can offer you just our VoIP Billing and Customer Management software which can be integrated into your existing telephony infrastructure or we can put together a custom turnkey solution for you

Our system can rate your CDR directly from your switch, PBX, RADIUS server or most any custom source. We can bill for DIDs, extensions, trunks, IP addresses and additional recurring charges.

Additionall information http://www.dthvoipbilling.com

2010-03-13 - DTH announces new Express Edition voip billing software for start-ups. Up to 25 concurrent calls.
2010-09-21 - DTH announces completion of interop testing with ClearBox Enterprise RADIUS Server.



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