DUNDi = Distributed Universal Number Discovery

From the (now defunct) DUNDi website:

DUNDi™ is a peer to peer system for locating Internet gateways to telephony services. Unlike traditional centralized services (such as the remarkably simple and concise ENUM standard), DUNDi is fully distributed with no centralized authority whatsoever.

DUNDi is not itself a Voice over IP signalling or media protocol. Instead, it publishes routes which are in turn accessed via industry standard protocols such as IAX™, SIP and H.323

DUNDi can be used within an enterprise to create a fully federated PBX with no central point of failure, and the ability to arbitrarily add new extensions, gateways and other resources to a trusted web of communication servers, where any adds, moves, changes, failures or new routes are automatically absorbed within the cloud with no additional configuration.

DUNDi is a trademark of Digium, Inc. It was created by Mark Spencer.


  • An implementation of DUNDi was included in the Asterisk CVS development branch on October 18, 2004.

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