Datera helps organizations in comprehensive management of their telecommunications infrastructure by: enabling them to migrate smoothly to VoIP, cutting costs of telephone calls and costs of telecommunications infrastructure management, providing advanced telecommunications services as well as using our own ready-to-use solutions that represent the latest technologies.

Datera Call-eX, Datera’s full featured telecommunications server (IP PBX) for large and small companies, is based on an extensively modified version of the popular open source Asterisk code base. Datera has modified Asterisk to add outstanding reliability, stability and enterprise-class features. Datera Call-eX uses Datera’s patent pending architecture to deliver all the advanced features of an enterprise-class phone system and call center at 40 percent to 80 percent less than traditional offerings.

Datera is now offering an all-in-one solution for business communication. Visit our website for more details Datera and Datera Call-eX.

FreecoNet platform is another brainchild of Datera. FreecoNet provides free, or “as cheap as possible” phone calls from an ordinary landline phone set (from any operator). But that’s not all. FreecoNet is also the first world-wide platform combining all major internet VoIP technologies (e.g. SIP, ENUM) in one trivial user interface. FreecoNet is also the first world-wide telarena, a place that offers services of multiple telecommunications operators in one automated system.

Datera is now offering a revolution in telecommunications for every user in the world. Go to our website for more details Datera’s FreecoNet.

Why Choose Datera?

We have an excellent technical team with years of experience in the telecom industry to ensure our clients are at the cutting edge of technology. Highest quality of services provided by Datera is guaranteed by the team made up of the best VoIP experts in Poland.

What other Products and Services Does Datera Provide?

  • Datera offers comprehensive consulting services to large organizations in the field of their telecommunications infrastructure management. Consulting covers the following areas: technical, financial, organizational and legal. Datera also offers solutions for small and medium-sized companies that enable migration to VoIP, while all previous investments in telecommunications are maintained. Go here for details.

For more details you may also email Datera at

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